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It feels so good, knowing that our important papers and documents are in their proper place. Luke and I are far from being messy, but when it came to papers, we didn't have a system for organizing. We tend to keep too much stuff, including the outdated ones. However, I changed that today. Within 2 hours, I was able to sort through/organize/file all our important documents such as marriage certificate, tax returns, and insurance policies. Just look at the before and after pictures! I think I threw away at least 1/3 of the papers in the before picture. Just by throwing away the envelopes was a huge space saver.

In the after pictures, I organized the papers by subject and printed out a label for each folder. I found that using poly, as oppose to paper, file folders are better because they are more durable and longer lasting. Having different colors help too.

I got lucky and found a bigger file folder to hold all the individual folders. It was just big enough. Eventually I will have to upgrade it to something like this as we accumulate more stuff though.

Image from The Container Store, currently on sale for $7.99.

Getting organized is not rocket science, but I found this on HGTV to help you get started.


  1. I don't get it. Looks like the same stuff to me but was put into a plastic folder with labels stuck on them. =] I don't think we'll grow out of that thing tho. If we end up needing more room, we're doing something wrong.

  2. shit my desk is full of clutter!


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