Woweeee! I love these ideas I found on Real Simple. As a renter, I can't exactly create a wall mural with chalkboard paint, but this is definitely something I am filing away for when we have a place of our own. I would have the mural in the shape of a turtle in my crafting room so I can doodle to my heart's content. Probably need to figure out a way to catch the chalk dusts though.

Create a Wall Mural with Chalkboard Paint

Original Purpose: Producing scribbleable surfaces for grocery lists.
Aha! Use: Creating a graphic — and interactive — wall mural. Sketch a few simple shapes (trees, zoo animals, fish, your family) and fill them in with chalkboard paint (available at most hardware stores). Your kids can then use chalk to draw on all sorts of colorful (if not immediately recognizable) details.
Reward: A dynamic backdrop for any bedroom or playroom…where it’s actually OK to write on the walls.

Display Photos with Binder Clips

Original Purpose: Securing papers.
Aha! Use: Displaying photos, postcards, or recipe cards. Attach two 3/4-inch clips to the lower corners (or use a 1 1/4-inch one in the center) and place on your desk.
Reward: A high-visibility, low-commitment photo display


  1. Interesting, chalkboard paint. Never knew such a thing existed. I do think it's odd that you would want to do something to our place (future place) that would normally get a kid smacked around for. I mean, drawing on the wall!?!?

    As for the binder clips, that's just too cheesy. It doesn't take into account that most pictures curve and will bend down over time. Maybe colorful binder clips would be cool though.


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