West Maui, Part B

After having too much fun in the sun, we packed up our belongings and made 2 more stops in Maui before saying goodbye to the island.

Every year, from late December to early April, humpback whales migrate to the warm Hawaiian waters to give mate and give birth. Often for a better chance of spotting whales, tourists take boat excursions further out into the ocean. Our schedule didn’t allow us to take those excursions, but we were hoping that we’d get lucky and spot some from land.

At one of the lookout points (Papawai Point - a favored humpback nursing background), we did!!!!! The wind was crazy so please excuse my face and hair, but this is the only picture that Luke took with perfect whale tail slaps in the background. =]

Satisfied with what we saw, we drove to our final destination. Iao Valley State Park is perfect for people who love serenity, lush greenery, and a little bit of mystique. The moment I stepped out of the car, I noticed the freshness in the air and the drop in temperature (notice that I got my hoodie on). Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by several shades of green. We got a little camera happy at the park and took tons of pictures. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Iao Valley is a peaceful lush area with easy hikes, exotic tropical plants, and clear, natural pools.

Nice jump you go there babes!

Mist makes everything more magical!

Of course I didn't forget about the main attraction of the park! This is the Iao Needle, a rock pinnacle that rises 2250 ft above ground.

I can see why Maui is the most popular of all Hawaiian islands. As Luke said in his comments to my Part A post, Maui offers the best of the 2 worlds. There are plenty of hikes and trails for nature lovers, but also water activities for adventure seekers. Also for those who just want to relax on the beach, Maui's got the perfect weather for that too. Even for golfers, Maui has some of the best golf courses around. Yes, Maui is indeed a well-balanced destination.

After the park, we made a quick stop to get gas before returning our car. Yikes, at $3.87/gallon, I am glad we were just visiting!

Aloha Maui! Aloha Kona!


  1. The humpbacks look cool. So that's how they look like, I think one cruise liner use the shape of the tale slap on their boats. The other part reminds me of Taiwan. Nice.

  2. Those are the cheesiest whale fins I have ever seen pasted into a photo. You could've at least made them different sizes to show some distance. =] I know you really wanted to see some whales on this trip, but this...?

    But yeah, after wasting away on the beach earlier that day, we stopped by several lookouts and a state park on the way back to the boat. Plus, we had Joyce's nanner bread along the way. Driving thru the valley was really neat and walking around the garden near the peak was cool too. It was really chilly tho, nothing like the warm sandy areas we had just left.

    Joyce is right, the mist did add a whole mystic feel to the place. Sure, it would've been nice to see further out into the distance, but we got to see the peak at least. We did run into fog trouble later on in the trip at Kauai, but that's another story.

    We definitely had lots of fun on Maui, one of our fav islands here. It was sad driving back to the boat, we could've definitely used a couple more days here. But we'll be back!

  3. Yi-Ju, I think you are thinking about Carnival - the fun ship.

    Hmph! I saw whales and I am sticking to the story!


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