We walked and walked and walked...

I blogged before about how I wished we had a car in Oahu to get around the island. Both Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay were easily reachable by riding theBus. However, the southeast part of Oahu proved to be challenge, but still, I am proud to say that Luke and I did it!

As always, we took Bus #22, the Beach Bus. The bus stopped at Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay first. After people were dropped off at Hanauma Bay, that was when we started to pay attention as to where we would get off. We wanted to see 2 places that day - the Halona Blowhole Area and Makapu'u Point and its coastal lighthouse. The problem was the bus didn't stop directly in front of those places. So we had to get off at the nearest stop and walk.

Not really knowing where to get off, Luke and I decided to get off at the Sandy Beach stop. Sandy Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches on the island. We saw the reason. The waves were humongous. We saw this sign.

Because we got off past the Halona Blowhole Area, we knew we had to walk back. In fact, we could see the Blowhold Area from Sandy Beach, we just had to walk to it. So we walked along the coastal line and took a few pictures along the way. It was extremely windy, but gorgeous.

We had to walk on fields with lots of tall wild grass. They made my legs itch.

We walked for roughly 15 minutes and reached the Blowhole Lookout. There were tons of tour buses in the parking lot. Luke and I have an inside joke on tour buses. We call people who join tour groups "cows," because they get on and off as they are directed. I hope this is not offensive to anybody because we were "cows" several times on our first cruise. In fact, I wanted to be a "cow" that day so I didn't have to deal with theBus and walking. =]

We waited for the water to spout just right. The views of coastal rock formulations and crashing surf were really a sight to see.

After we saw enough of the Blowhole, we walked back to Sandy Beach and waited for the bus to come. Luckily we timed just right and didn't have to wait for long.

Me waiting for the bus. Next stop, the lighthouse!

The bus this time dropped us off in front of a golf course and we had to walk to the lighthouse. It was a longer walk and we walked right on a major road. It wasn't safe, but at least there weren't that many cars. *This is where if you have your own transportation, things get a lot easier*

Finally we reached the lighthouse gate, but it was still more than a mile hike to the lighthouse. So we started walking... Then Luke saw this little lookout off the main path and got this brilliant idea that we should go. I didn't want to because the path there was covered in tall grass. At the end, he won and here I was, walking (can you see me?). I had no idea that he was so far behind me! It was the worst. walk. ever. Never again.

At the end of that horrible hike.

Finally we made our way back to the beginning and started hiking toward the lighthouse. The road to the lighthouse was uphill and windy. It was long too. I had no idea it would be that long. We were both huffing and puffing by the time we reached the top. My legs were killing me by then, especially since we made that little detour.

On the top, gazing out to the deep blue sea.

From the top, we saw two off-shore islands. The larger one is the Manana Island, also known as the Rabbit Island. The front smaller one is the Kaohikaipu Island. Apparently there is a coral reef between the islands that some divers go to.

Can you see the little orange roof? That's the Sea Life Park. If you ever seen the movie 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler's character, Henry Roth, worked at Sea Life Park as a veterinarian. We watched the movie after we came back from Hawaii. We even saw those 2 offshore islands featured in the movie!

This lighthouse was also in the movie. Only in the movie, Henry and Lucy (Drew Barrymore) stood right next to the lighthouse. In real life, we didn't even see a path down there.

What were we looking at?

This. Magnificent. View. And our shoes.

On the way down, Luke left our mark. We saw writings on other cacti and decided to do the same.

I doubt we will be able to find it again though. =]

We played with the camera, trying to take artistic shots.

Another whale-spotting spot, but we didn't see anything. Gosh darnit!

I love my LL Bean bag, we carried it everywhere in Hawaii.

After we came back down, we walked a bit further to another roadside lookout. It offered pretty much the same view, just at different angles.

It was a day full of walking. After this picture, we had to walk a long way back to the golf course and rode the bus back to our hotel. Even though it was a tough day, I was glad we got to see the southeast coastline....without a car nonetheless!

Have a fabulous time in Oahu Andy! I hope my postings helped!!


  1. haha thanks for the shout out and squeezing this last post of oahu in before i leave! your narratives are quite humorous sometimes :)

  2. Yeah, a lot took place that day, but the only standout for me was walking thru the grass to the big rocky shoreline. Joyce was so pissed the whole time, her face was all red and wrinkled with anger. hehehe....she looked like some possessed doll or something. I really think that if she had a gun, she would've capped my ass right there in the middle of the field. But nope, she held together long enough to make the trek thru the tall grass and hidden critters.


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