Unexpected Gifts

When Luke and I got married, we didn't choose to create a traditional gift registry. In my opinion, we didn't need a 42-piece dinnerware set, a KitchenAid blender, or an espresso machine. Granted, we don't have any of those items, but I didn't want to start accumulate stuff until we have a more permanent place of our own. Knowing that our guests would still want to give us something to commemorate the event, we signed up for Honeyfund.

Because of Honeyfund, we weren't expecting any other gifts other than cash. So you can imagine our surprise when we received not 1, but 2 gifts from our friends ON TOP of their contributions to our Honeyfund!! Yay for cool friends! :)

This fleece throw is from my friend Tiffany. It was delivered the day we got back from our Disneymoon. This blanket has been keeping us warm while watching movies on the couch this winter.

This set of ducks was from our friend Ann. They are really elegant and lovely. At first we didn't understand the meaning behind the ducks, especially since she knows that Luke and I are horses. She explained:

"In Chinese, there is different kind of duck, we call it "yan young" (mandarin duck). We use "yan young" as a metaphor of "a couple" as two of them are always side by side. You may notice that a wedding gift will take two birds or two mandarin duck, in a painting or souvenir/keepsake. Sometimes, we will also use two fishes, and dragon and phoenix too."

It was very sweet and thoughtful of our friends to give us these gifts. Cash is nice, but we don't "see" them like we see or use these gifts everyday. Thanks guys!


  1. i like the useful gifts ur friends gave u

  2. Can never say Thank You enough. Blankies are great, especially in this cold ass winter weather (or are we just too cheap to turn up the heat?). And who knew our little duo figurine collection would get a kickass new addition. Ann doesn't know this, but Joyce and I pick-up little pairs of tiny figurines on our travels. I'm sure she'll share those on sugarlens someday. Of course, none are as nice and fancy as these duckies. Now that I think about it, these crystal guys do seem a little stuck up when placed next to the other plain glass figures. Hmph, elitists... =]


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