there is a story behind these necklaces

It was the last day of our honeymoon and we were ready to shop! Before we left for the trip, Luke told me that he wanted to buy a Hawaiian Slipper pendent from Na Hoku for me. After all, we used a little picture of slippers on our wedding Save the Date, programs, website, and t-shirts.

There are numerous Na Hoku stores in Oahu, we picked the store inside the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We were helped by a nice lady who showed me the different designs of Hawaiian Slipper. They come in yellow gold, white gold, with diamonds, with mother of pearl inlay, with sapphires…the list goes on. At first I was a bit overwhelmed. After we told her that we were looking for white gold (since it didn’t come in platinum), she quickly narrowed down the choices for me. I picked a simple design, white gold with little diamonds. It has that extra sparkle. Perfect. Mahalo Gumby!

While ringing up the purchase, the lady started to chat with us. She told us she was from Las Vegas, had been in Hawaii for 2 years, and was starting to get island fever. After talking about her for a bit, she asked about us. We told her we were married in September and this was our belated honeymoon. After she learned that, she immediately informed us that they have a gift for every honeymoon couple (in reality, they probably have a gift for everyone) and led us to The Pearl Factory (just a few steps away, also inside HHV).

We were greeted by another nice lady. She told us that we can have our pick of any pearl oyster in the bucket (for free). Taking her advice, I picked the ugliest oyster using a rubber tong, put it on the tray, and handed it to her. She said before she can open the oyster, we all have to tap the tray 3 times with our perspective instruments (her with an oyster opener and us with the rubber tong) and yell “ALOHA”. It’s tradition, she insisted. So we tapped 3 times and yelled ALOHA. There were people walking all around us, but I don’t think anyone paid attention. The lady later said that we were not shy at all because some of her customers refused to do it.

She opened the oyster and found a lovely blue oyster inside. I’ve never seen a blue oyster before so I was pretty excited. It means wisdom, apparently. She proceeded to show us all the different settings we can buy to mount this pearl. I was ready to just say thank you and walk away, but Luke wanted to turn it into a necklace. We decided on a turtle setting (can you guess why?).

While she was working hard to put the necklace togehter, she told us to pick another pearl oyster (again, for free). Following the same procedure, I picked one and what we found inside was a bigger gold pearl! Gold means prosperity. We saw that the gold pearl would fit better inside the turtle so we decided to use that instead. It did fit better, the little turtle’s “tummy” is full and round with this pearl. This left us with the blue pearl, still mount-less. Again, I was fine with that, but Luke wanted to pick a new setting for the blue pearl. We picked the plumeria setting.

The lady then said AGAIN to pick ANOTHER one on the house. I did and this time was a smaller green pearl. She didn’t try to sell us another setting. I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, NO MATTER WHAT.

So we went to HHV for a Hawaiian Slipper and left with 3 new necklaces! For those who know me, I never buy expensive jewelries for myself. As I posted before, it wasn’t until after I met Luke that I started to have a collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I am happy that Luke bought them for me because I’d never have on my own. Now not only I have pictures to remind me of our Hawaiian honeymoon, I also have these necklaces. They will be cherished.

::hugs to ahbow::


  1. You're welcome babes! I had originally seen the slipper in one of those United Airlines magazines while flying around for work. I looked up the store and found one right next door to us in McLean, VA. Of course, buying it here versus buying it in Hawaii is a very big deal. So yeah, we got it in Hawaii along with those pearls and they all look great on Joyce!


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