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Fantastic News!

I am now confident to say that there are at least a whopping 5 {sugarlens} readers! I am excited and you should be too!

{sugarlens} has always been capable of RSS feed, meaning that using RSS readers such as Google Reader, NewsGator, or Yahoo, you can read (sugarlens} posts without having to come to {sugarlens} blog.

Sounds confusing? To explain it in plain terms (because that's the only way I know how), by signing up for an account with any of the RSS readers, you can pull new content from your favorite websites (most blogs and websites have RSS feeds) and dump them all into one place.

I will give an example. Using Google Reader, I subscribe to 3 websites - {sugarlens}, Weddingbee, and CNN. Now instead of going to 3 different places, I can just come to my Google Reader and get all the latest news at one spot. I can't believe I am just discovering this. What hole have I been hiding under?

Google Reader

So anyway, {sugarlens} has always had this RSS feed functionality. However, today, Luke added the RSS feed icon to the blog to make it even easier for people to subscribe to {sugarlens}. Now all you have to do is click on the icon to start the process. It's so cool.

I know I know, it's not like {sugarlens} is a major news site that people will be subscribing to left and right. But you just wait, that day will come. :)


  1. haha keep on doing great work on your posts and the readers will come!


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