Sweet Reader Mail

Recently my friend Irena sent me this note regarding {sugarlens}:

Your blog is addictive - I can't stop looking at it!!! The pictures are so interesting and your comments to each other are way too cute - haha!:) You guys are extremely entertaining together - I can definitely tell you have a lot of fun as a couple. :)

Well, thanks Irena for your kind words! I am so glad that people (or at least Irena) are enjoying {sugarlens}. Now I am more excited about my postings and sharing with you all!

And here we are at my wedding. It is absolutely one of my favorites.

Photography by Heather Hopkins, Dolphindance Photography


  1. Wait a minute, I don't think I got a hug from her. What's up wif that? Hell, did anyone hug me? =[

    But yes, Joyce gets really happy with comments. I think if Pargo accidentally posted senseless comments by walking across the keyboard, she would still be happy with joy.

  2. OK, your pictues made me cry. They are so simple, yet beautiful. Your photographer is to be commended. And that little mouse should be made into a new cartoon!


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