Gocco Success!

Part I

I am so happy and relieved. Happy because my first gocco project turned out extremely well. Relieved because at least I know how to use the machine that I have invested so much in. It took me approximately 2 hours to finish roughly 30 cards, including cutting and scoring the papers. Not bad at all, considering that it was my first time and I had to reference Weddingbee a lot. Next time it should go much faster.

I bought Pearl White Metallic Card Stock from Paper and More. The paper is thick and has a slight shimmer to it. It has a luxurious feel and I would definitely buy it again in different colors. The paper was 8.5x11 and I first cut it in half using the orange blade to 8.5x5.5.

Then using the black blade, I scored the card down the center where I plan to fold the card. The final card size is 4.25x5.5.

Finally, this is what the scored paper looks like. I will later fold the paper where the line is to make the card.

Here are the gocco materials needed for my project: gocco machine, flashbulb housing, AA batteries, inks, ink blocking, 2 flashbulbs, screen, and blue screen.

I placed the 2 flashbulbs in the flashbulb housing and put in the batteries. I put the master (that I printed using laser printer) on the sticky pad.

Carefully, I inserted the blue filter and the screen in the appropriate slot. Use the blue filter only if the master is a xerox copy or printed using laser printer.

I flashed the screen (closed gocco machine and pushed down). I was so excited when I saw the master "burned" onto the screen.

I then removed the screen and separated the plastic film and the screen. Using ink blocking, I blocked the text and the mouse so the colors don't run together. Using 2 colors, I carefully applied the ink to the text and the mouse. I read that it's important to not touch the screen with the tip of the ink tube. I made an extra effort to avoid just that. I used 2 colors to make it easier on me.

I loaded the screen back up and started printing.

This is what it looked like when I pressed down. If I hadn't used the ink blocking, I think the inks would have ran into each other.

Ta-da! My first gocco print. I am so proud. :)

My workstation. Someday I hope to have my own personal room where I can do my crafts. Until then, I am using our dining table.

Final product with the envelope I purchased from Paper and More. The envelope also has a hint of shimmer, just like the paper. They look nice together and definitely worthy of being the first card we will send out as a married couple. So what do you think? Think I have a shot at selling my cards on Etsy? ;)

I will be mailing the cards in another week and half. Look for yours in the mailbox!! Anyone got a project for me? I charge cheap.


  1. When did u become so artistic? I'll wait until i receive the card to see if you have a future in selling ur own designed cards

  2. "You made me hate you." Joyce posted this during the dark days of our marriage. I refuse to comment on her post, nope! not gonna do it!

    But I must say, GoGo on the Gocco turned out pretty good.


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