Pride of Hawaii Review

Just like we enjoyed the Hawaiian Islands, we also enjoyed the time we spent on the ship. Pride of Hawaii was huge, clean, and decorated in bright tropical colors. Because we were there during the holiday season, there were several Christmas trees on the ship (we got up early one morning and took pictures with nearly every one of them). The atmosphere was very nice, so much different from our first cruise experience.

Our cruise experience was wonderful! We made the whole experience just the way we wanted it. We didn’t spend much time on the ship once it was docked. We were never on the ship for lunch and ate at the Aloha Nui Café (buffet restaurant) every breakfast and dinner except for one. We never had to deal with making reservations at the specialty restaurants because we weren’t interested in them. We didn’t have to wait in line booking shore excursions because we had already made car rental arrangements prior. We didn’t participate in the cruise on-board activities because we were always out on shore. By the time we returned in the late-afternoon, we were always too beat to do anything else except eat, shower, and sleep. Ultimately, true to Norwegian’s tagline, our cruise experience was really “do whatever you want, whenever you want”.

Luke @ Aloha Nui Cafe.

Me chowing down scramble eggs, bacons, hash brown, and toasts every day for breakfast. I will explain later that I didn't think the food was more than just average, but breakfast was an exception. I loved the breakfast.

Our inside cabin was on deck 11. The location was ideal because Aloha Nui Café was on deck 12 so food was never far away. The room was a decent size and we didn’t feel crowded at all. Our cabin attendant was a nice man who introduced himself to us on the first day. He even made us towel animals twice! We have never once gotten towel animals at Disney or on our first cruise. :( So Norwegian, we are forever your customers!

Pictures of the cabin. After we got our luggages, we immediately unpacked our clothes and our bathroom stuff and made the whole place functional.

Of course, things can’t be all perfect. We definitely noticed that the food (at least at Aloha Nui Café) was just average (and we are not picky!). Luckily for me, there was always chicken noodle soup when there weren’t anything else. I wasn’t impressed with the dessert selection at all either (in fact, I never finished a dessert completely – it was just too blah). A lot of times, there was no juice in the juice dispensers. At some nights, even Luke couldn’t find anything he liked and he’s the least picky person I know. Seriously, the man drinks spoiled milk. So overall, I must admit that we had better food on our first cruise. Nevertheless, we didn’t starve in any way. In fact, we both gained several pounds on the vacation.

Of all the shows, we only went to one – Rockin’ Soul Night - and I thought it was entertaining. It was a shame that we missed the magic show, but we were just too tired to go, even if we were just going to sit there. Here is the Stardust Theater.

NCL has a policy of $10 service charge per day, per guest. Between Luke and me, we paid $140 at the end of the cruise. I don’t particularly agree with the policy, but we felt we received good service so it all worked out. Here is what I wrote on the evaluation form at the end of the cruise. See, I was a happy customer. =D

Some random shots around the ship... We took nearly all these pictures in one day, hence the same outfit in every picture. =p

The Art Gallery & Internet Cafe

On the way to the Photo Gallery. We didn't buy anything of course. In fact we only took our portraits once, and that was because they forced us.

SS United Library

Fitness Center

In the elevator. The elevator was actually fairly advanced. There was a monitor that told you which floor you were currently on as you ride up and down and what was on each floor.

Waikiki Beach Pool. This is a bad picture because it was early in the morning and the lounge chairs weren't even set up yet. In addition, it was raining slightly too. We didn't use the pool, but I think there were 2 pools and a hot tub.

Aloha Atrium and Bar

This was basically the last day of the cruise. We would go to sleep that night and disembark in the morning. It was sad to say goodbye. The last cruise we couldn't wait to get off the boat, this time, however, we didn't want to get off.

Aloha NCL! We will see you again!!


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