Pargo Genesis

My dog is a big part of my life and today I want to share some pictures of him as a puppy and how I became Mommy Pargo.

Pargo is The. Cutest. Dog. Ever. No, I am not just biased. People stop me to pet him all the time when I take him out. I remember one time Luke and I took him out for a walk and a lady saw him. After asking for our permission, she immediately picked him up and kissed his mouth (I thought it was pretty gross, to be honest). She went on to smother him for minutes and was reluctant to say goodbye. Yes, Pargo is that cute...and soft too.

Our 2nd year anniversary with Pargo is approaching. I still remember the day (or that week) vividly. It was March 2006 and we were once again, looking for a place to buy. After no luck, I was pretty depressed. On a particular Wednesday morning, Luke said to me, "Do you want a dog?" Heck yeah! I had been wanting a dog for the longest time, but never thought of getting one until much later. I nodded yes and Luke did all the research and emailed a few local breeders he found on the AKC website that day. Emails and phone calls were exchanged between Luke and a breeder in Maryland on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, we went to Columbia MD to pick up our dear Pargo. Pargo was also Luke's early anniversary present to me. The bestest present!!

Pargo's is a restaurant that has a special meaning for Luke and me. We always said that if we get a dog, his name would be Pargo. So when we finally got a dog, we didn't even discuss a name, we just started calling him Pargo. It's a great name - cute and unique.

Pargo will be 3 later this year, yet he's only 3.2 lbs and full grown. A lot of people ask me, so how small was he when you first got him? Pargo was only 2.3 lbs when we first got him from the breeder and he didn't have any shades of gray in him. Now that he's older, his coat is turning bluish silver, like a yorkshire terrier supposed to.

We took a video when we got home from Columbia that Saturday (3/25/06). Here are some images from the video. He hair was spiky.

Pargo is just great. He's always there to greet me when I come home . Always there to keep me warm. Always like to snuggle. Always fun to play with. Always there. As I type this post, he's keeping my feet warm and toasty.

I am really lucky to have Pargo, and lucky that Luke found him for me. As cliche as this may sound, a dog really is loyal and a man's (er, woman's too) best friend.

I like to think that Pargo has grown into a fine young man. :) Picture taken just this morning.

And here is a picture of me holding him for the first time.


  1. Much like yours truly, Pargo is a little drop from heaven. Yes, I do want to strangle him at times, but I feel that way with everyone now and then. Definitely glad he's a part of our lives. And like I've told others in the past, it's next to impossible for me to think about the life Joyce and I led pre-Pargo. Seriously, all my thoughts of us always include the little fuzzy guy.

    On another note, based on this blog post's title, I must mention that I am now and old ass mofo. Like Pargo, I'm turning old and grey. Yes, I am now thurdy! The big 3-0! Okay, I think I'll go back to bed and wait to die now...


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