A New Home For My Little Ones

Since I met Luke, my jewelry collection has grown exponentially. What used to be practically non-existent has become a healthy collection of fine necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Truthfully, I don’t wear them nearly as much as I would like to. I blame it on the “out of sight, out of mind” theory since I keep them in an outdated jewelry box inside my closet. I am looking to replace it with something fresh, something that won't be an eye sore. I firmly believe that if I have something prettier to hold and display my pieces, I will wear them more.

So, looking for inspirations, I turned to Martha. Martha Stewart is the queen of organizing anything and I was sure her website would offer some suggestions. I was right, it does!

I love the look of this and the idea is so simple. Now I am on a mission to find cute and vintage-y saucers and teacups. If you know where to start looking, please drop me a note!

The pictures are self-explanatory, but here are the instructions, copied straight from Martha's website:

Let your hodgepodge of china collect something besides dust: Orphaned teacups and saucers are perfect vessels for sorting jewelry, and, when arranged in a velvet-lined drawer, they give you an easy-to-scan bird's-eye view of your bijoux. To set it up, measure the height of the drawer's side (not the front), then gather dishware that's slightly shorter. Line the drawer with velvet or felt to prevent rattling and sliding, then position the porcelain. Hook drop earrings on rims of cups, nestle necklaces within them, and stash chunkier beads and bangles on individual saucers.


  1. WTF is this!? I thought the concept of storage had some sort of connection with saving space or efficiency. How the hell is using a bunch of round bowls in a box of any benefit. Not only that, how does this keep necklace chains from getting knotted up? This is completely lost on me. Might as well throw everything together into a zip-lock bag or something. Hmph!

    If I start finding missing bowls from the kitchen, I'll know what happened to them now.

  2. Yeah, i kind of agree with "confused". While it is pretty to look at, it is not very practical. I did find some vintage saucers (not the best looking ones) at an arts/street fair in McLean but I find them more useful for holding candle pillars. Check out the estate sales ad in good neighborhoods for what you are looking for, before the antique dealers mark them up. For my jewelry I am looking for the perfect jewelry tree which I still haven't found.

  3. I like the jewelry tree idea too. If you find something, let me know!


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