West Maui, Part A

Because of our car trouble, we found ourselves picking up our new car (yet another Chevy Cobalt) from Budget the next morning. After double checking on the tires, we were on our way to the west of Maui. It was a sunny day in Maui and we recorded a few videos during the scenic drive. However, I am way too bashful to show any of those videos on {sugarlens}.

No question about it, Lahaina is a tourist-y town….but with PLENTY of FREE parking!! I was surprised how easily we found a spot. Lahaina reminds me very much of Key West. There is a plethora of boutique shops, waterfront restaurants, a couple of galleries, and advertisements for excursions. However, Lahaina is more family-friendly – no nudie (even if just cartoon) souvenirs cups or postcards you often see at Key West.

Booths after booths of people selling whale watching excursions.

Stopping for a picture at the Lahaina seawall.

We walked from the beginning to the end of Front Street (aka, the main street of Lahaina). At the end of the street, we came across this photo spot. My brothers and I visited a Bubba Gump restaurant once in Chicago. While the decor of the restaurant was unique, the food was mediocre at best. We didn't eat here, but I couldn't pass up on this photo opportunity, considering that I like the movie a lot.

We stopped at this quaint little ice cream shop for some shave ice. Luke, as usual, ordered a x-large for the 2 of us to share. :)

We got the mango flavor, but I just tasted sugar water. I had a few spoonful and Luke pretty much finished it himself. :)

Lahaina has enough shops to keep people shopping all day, but we weren't interested in the shopping. We didn’t stay in Lahania for more than a couple of hours before heading north from there to Kahekili Beach Park.

Kahekili Beach Park is located near Kaanapali, which is where all the resorts and golf courses are. We turned into the resort community by mistake and got a tour of all the fancy hotels. In the end, we found Kahekili and had our first beach outing in Hawaii.

Yes, it took us THREE days before we had the chance to get into the Hawaiian water. Kahakili boasted golden-sand beach and was a good place for snorkeling. The weather was perfect that day too - warm with a gentle breeze.

Luke likes to play in the water a lot more than me. Mostly because I am a bit afraid of going too deep where my feet can't touch the ground. I kept him company for a while in the water, but worked on my tan most of the time. I did some snorkeling as well, but there weren't that many fishies in the shallow part of the ocean. When I tried to go further, the waves pushed me back. Still though, it was incredible to see all the colorful fishies in their natural habitat! I wish we had a water-proof camera!

So because I stayed on land most of the time, I took lots of random photos.

My bible during the entire trip. I don't/won't buy any other tour books except for Lonely Planet now.

My bling. This reminds me, I have to get the ring cleaned.

Luke came back to keep me company and we took this self portrait...

and a shot of our rings.

To be continued...


  1. I picked up my first shaved ice of the trip here. Yum! It's amazing really, how different this side of the island is compared to the other. I think it strikes a perfect balance though. The rural side wasn't too remote that you felt scared of being kidnapped by rednecks (do they even have rednecks in Hawaii??) and the touristy side wasn't as built up as Waikiki or South Beach in Miami. Just the right balance for us!

    The beach was perfect and the sun was bright. It was great to just sit and relax and float around instead of driving for a change.

    Thanks for shrinking the pic of me babes! I had been piling on the pounds from all the cruise food. I was jiggly then and would be gaining even more heft as the trip went on. Towards the end, thinking I was a beached whale or something, kids were trying to roll my fat ass back into the water. sigh....


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