Maui, Day 1, Part B

Maui, Day 1, Part A

We finally arrived at our last destination, Haleakala National Park, after a long morning. In fact, I think it was already past 2pm when we finally arrived. We wasted no time and started walking toward the 'Ohe'o Gulch. Now I have seen breath-breaking pictures of the Gulch so my expectations were high. I was so extremely disappointed! Perhaps it was because the pool was closed to the public that day, but the waterfalls were definitely nothing impressive. Honestly when I first saw it, I thought that I must be looking at the wrong thing and this was just something along the way to the bigger and much better Gulch.

Me posing in front of it. Sadly, this really was the much talked about 'Ohe'o Gulch. If you take a closer look at the photo, you will see that there is a bridge at the top of the waterfalls. We eventually hiked to the bridge for a less obstructive view. However, the bridge is actually for cars to drive on so it was quite dangerous to be on the bridge for a prolong period. We took a few pictures and left pretty quickly.

View from the bridge. Not much better...

The Haleakala National Park wasn't a total waste though. On the way to the Gulch we came to this open field on a cliff right next to the water. The view was amazing! We saw blue blue water and blue blue sky. We couldn't resist to relax for a while and take in the atmosphere.

We took turns taking each other's back.

Our Teva sandals. Luke introduced them to me a while ago and I haven't gone back. They are so comfortable! They literally mold my feet.

Finally, this is what we look like!

We hiked the Pipiwai Trail. The trail leads to Mahakiku Falls after half a mile and Waimoku Falls after 2 miles. We were short on time so we only saw the Mahakiku Falls. The hike there wasn't bad at all. The path was overall very even and soft except for some parts where we climbed over rocks.

In additional to the overgrown grass and trees...

I also saw a monkey!!

Makahiku Falls is a 200ft long waterfall that drops into a deep gorge. It was quite rewarding to see this for a short walk. We turned around after this and started our drive back to the cruise ship.

Because we were in a rush to get to our final destination that morning, we didn't stop at any of the roadside vendors along the Hana Highway. Once we left Haleakala National Park, we realized that we were still making good time, so we stopped at Hana Farms for some refreshments and banana bread.

Sipping juice right out of a coconut for the first time. I am not a fan of coconuts, but I had some too, just to say that I did it. We also ordered fresh-squeezed lemonade where I added my own syrup.

I think banana bread is famous in Maui because all morning we saw people selling them. We finally got some too. There were so many flavors to choose from, but I got the plain o' banana bread. We actually didn't eat it until the next day.

Even after this stop, the sun was STILL out so we decided to make one more stop. The Twin Falls was at the beginning of the Hana Highway and we skipped it that morning because according to my tour book, "it's a pleasant scene and a worthy walk, but if you're on the way to Hana, don't stop here - there are better waterfalls further down the road." So we didn't stop there in the morning because we didn't think we had time. I am glad we eventually made it to see the Twin Falls though, it was one of the most exciting walks we had in Hawaii!

We walked on mud, slippery rocks, and narrow passageways. We both got a zillion bug bites on this walk and itched for days afterwards.

We even had to cross a half-broken bridge.

Twin Falls after a roughly 25-minute walk. I must say the walk there was much better than the falls.

And so this concluded our journey on the Road to Hana. It was a day well-spent! Road to Hana is on my list of things to do in Maui, definitely want to come back again and hike the trails we missed this time.


  1. yeah, that walk looks mystical, like bridge to terabithia. but scary too if you are lost and all alone. if i ever go to hawaii i'll check on your postings for info.

  2. Wow, nice pics, but one thing is messing. Or should I say several hundred things? Though a large part of the day was spent driving around, when we stepped out of the car we were mosquito food. Those little bastards left their marks on us for the rest of the trip! But it was all worth it...every damn mofo bite...yup!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of the Road to Hana with us! Great pictures. As far as mosquitos, it can be worse in rainier seasons. And it really depends on where you go. Waterfall areas traditionnally have more mosquitoes than other areas due to the still water. Mahalo!

  4. I still don't have much to say for myself. Something happens when you spend time in Hana. It's like time slips away and any sense of routine is gone too. There are no televisions or phones in the rooms and cell phone reception is minimal. Whole days slide by and I would be hard pressed to tell you exactly what I've been doing... town car service maui


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