Is This The Fishpond?

Part I and II

Our second day in Kauai was technically our last day on the cruise. We left for Oahu that same day around 2pm and disembarked the next morning. Since we only had a handful of hours on shore that day, we didn't rent a car. Like what the tour book suggested, we walked around the port and browsed the shops nearby.

I don't think I need to explain why I took a picture in front of this store. :)

I got a set of vintage-y postcards here. See that blue set on the very top? That's the one I got. I still need to find a way to display them at home. I have no intentions of sending them out. We also got a pair of crystal chickens from this shop. As I mentioned in my previous post, chickens are everywhere in Kauai so we thought this would be a nice way to remember the island. We got a pair of crystal horses at Main Street USA and a friend of us gave us a set of crystal ducks (Thanks Ann!!) for the wedding. I guess we have a growing collection of crystal animals. :)

The owner lady was very chatty. She told us that even though the tour book says that there are 60,000 people living on Kauai, there really are only 40,000 people. She said to come back to Kauai and stay at Po'ipu next time because "that's what young people like".

Besides shopping, we also walked along the Kalapaki Beach in front of Kauai Marriott. We passed by this cute sign and took a picture.

In addition to the shops and Kalapaki Beach, an overlook to the Alakoko (Menehune) Fishpond was also within walking distance. The fishpond is where the opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark was filmed, in which Indiana Jones swings from a vine into the water and swims to a waiting float-plane. At least, this is what I read in the book. I don't recall the scene at all. Anyway, after I read this, I just had to go. It was only a mile from the dock. So off we went! It wasn't a safe walk because we literally walked on the road that cars drive on. Still, semi-scenic.

Finally, we reached the overlook of the fishpond. Only at that time, we didn't know that this was it. There were no signs to tell us what we were looking at. I was thinking to myself, this can't be it. Can it? For some reason, I was thinking of the Summer Palace in Beijing, but on a much smaller scale, where I would see Chinese architectures and koi in the pond...

So we kept on walking...thinking that what we saw was just an overlook. The walk was long and uphill. It rained off and on. Not fun at all. Finally after walking for another 20 to 30 minutes, we decided to head back down toward the ship. We were defeated.

On our way back, Luke picked a grapefruit/huge lemon off a tree. This fruit stayed with us until the very last day of our honeymoon, when we made juice out of it.

I picked a clementine and ate it right away. It was so sour!

We saw horses...

We finally returned to our cabin after what we thought was a failed mission. I flipped through my tour book and found where it mentions the fishpond. The picture was exactly like what we saw!!! After seeing that, I was all happy again because we didn't miss it and now we can put a check next to the fishpond! We will always remember the walk to the fishpond.

Later that afternoon, we cruised past the Na Pali Coast (see Part I for more details). It was a real treat since we didn't get to see all of it while hiking. So beautiful, but I will let the pictures do the talking. Luke took at least 60 pictures of the coast. Here are just a few:

After we finished, we went to have lunch and then took a nap. Not even more than 3 hours later, still full, we ate at the Tex-Mex specialty restaurant. We weren't even hungry, but ate there just so we could say that we ate elsewhere other than Aloha Nui Cafe. The food was not good. Great picture though, eh? I am glad our waitress included one of her fellow friends in the back.

I don't remember what we did after dinner. I bet tired from the walking, we just went to bed.


  1. can't see the first 9 pictures

  2. Looks so picturesque, reminds me I need a vacation. Loved my last cruise, went to Belize. The mountains look amazing in your pics. Hope you learned to pick ripened fruit:)

  3. Ah yes, the walk. The walk to the pond. Sheah, whatever! The book made it look so close. Nevermind the fact that there was no sidewalk the whole way or the killer 40ยบ incline that makes your calves and shins cry uncle. So was dodging cars worth it? Not at all. The pond looked like any body of wawa surrounded by trees (hell, I coulda taken a piss in the woods and have the same result, almost). But we had fun walking hand in hand. And yes, the grapefruit or mutant lemon was sour as hell one week later.

    While it was amazing to see the coast line, it was also sad to know that we would not be visiting Kuai again for a long time.


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