It All Started With A Mouse

This past holiday was our first holiday as a married couple. Etiquette-wise, I know we should have sent out holiday cards to our family and friends (aka, the wedding guests). However, because we left for our honeymoon right during the smack of it, we didn't get a chance to send out cards to everyone. Shame on us!

Hopefully I can remedy that. The Chinese New Year is coming up and what a perfect way to send out those belated holiday greetings!? And the time has finally come to put my gocco to use! The little box has been sitting in the corner of our place ever since it arrived, along with the supplies piled on top.

I put Luke to work. His task: draw a mouse.

Luke working diligently on perfecting the mouse. Part of the mouse was actually inspired by Pargo, he said.

His final sketch.

Using a combination of Photoshop and Paint.Net, we manipulated the drawing and added the text. I am keeping it simple since this will be my first gocco project. I will use just 2 ink colors and the card will be fairly small - at 5.5" x 4.25".

This will be the front cover of the card! And as an excuse for any imperfections....they just make the card more homemade! I hope I will be successful at gocco'ing. If not, don't worry, I will send e-cards. ;)

Special Note: Ahbow, THANK YOU. Without your help, I would have thrown in the towel within minutes into this project. You are my hero.


  1. You're Welcome Tong, anything for my babes. Well, almost anything, I will never sit down and watch that Satan spawn Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill or Grey's Anatomy with you, EVER!! Hopefully, the little Gocco thingy you picked up will work wonders on your cards.


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