Hide and Seek

Hi there my (2 or 3) readers! As I start getting more and more engrossed to the blogging world, I will be making occasional site makeovers and functionality enhancements to {sugarlens} blog. I found this extremely helpful site for beginners like myself to do just that. Hopefully with this new wealth of information, I will be able to make {sugarlens} more personalized.

Today I added a new functionality. I've been writing at an average of 1 post, sometimes even 2 posts, per day. To help the readers (uh, and me) find specific things that I've written about in the past, I now have a "seek" function!!

There may be a few snags here and there, but for the most part, it works very well. For example, if you type in "Meadowlark", the posts on my wedding will be displayed. Other popular searches for {sugarlens} would be "Hawaii", "wedding", "gocco", "Disney World", "Pargo" and more! Go ahead, try it out.

This function will be more useful later on when {sugarlens} is filled with posts in the archive. In the meantime, it's neat to have and makes the site look more professional. And see that turtle icon? I am all about turtles now.