dreaming of another holiday

Even though we just returned from a 2-week long vacation, it’s hard not to daydream about our next one. After all, coming to work every day gets old really fast. We already have plans to go back to Disney World this September to celebrate our one-year anniversary, however, that can’t be our only vacation for the year, right??

Since I only get 18 days of vacation from work and Luke gets even less at 10 days, time is always the issue. Especially now with Luke in school part-time (yes, he passed his first semester!), our schedule is even less flexible.

Destinations we (okay, just me) are considering:

1) Seattle and Alaskan cruise (10 days). We love NCL and would cruise with them in a heartbeat. Luke has a friend in Seattle who we could potentially stay with for a couple of days before the cruise. From my research, cruises in Alaska are only available during the summer months though - so we’d have to do it between May to August. It would be incredible to see the glaciers, wildlife, and experience the great outdoors.

We didn't see any whales in Hawaii, maybe in Alaska?

2) Greece (at least 2 weeks). As I mentioned before, Greece was supposed to be our honeymoon destination. Although we didn’t make it there in 07, it’s still on my list of places to go. I know it gets super hot and sticky in the summer so we would go off- season if possible, which is late-September and October. However, with the weak dollar and the high airfare to just get there, I am not so sure if we could even really afford the trip this year.

A classic, but way overused, shot of the beautiful Santorini. I still love it regardless.

3) LA/SD (7/8/9 days). Luke and I have never been to California together (airports not included). We both have relatives in LA so going there makes sense. It would be cheaper since we could stay with relatives and both of us have enough points with United for a free domestic flight RT. We’ve heard about the famous sunny weather in SD and can’t wait to see it for ourselves…not to mention San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Since California weather is decent all year-round, we could go there any time of the year.

Balboa Park in San Diego

Do you have other recommendations for me (note: countries in Asia are not possible this year)? I am itching to start planning!

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  1. You are CRAZY. I'm already in the red with regards to vacation hours and I still have classes year round, so I don't know what you're thinking. Besides, we already have a little week in DizzyWorld later this summer. Yup, no more fun travels for a while oh!!


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