*doing the snow dance*

It's the first snowfall of 2008 and it's a big one! I am talking about gigantic snowflakes and rush hour is going to be a monster. Luckily, I am already home - warm and toasty.

I took this picture just a little while ago, on the balcony. I manipulated the original using contrast and brightness functions in Photoshop. I cropped the photo to get rid of unwanted objects such as cars and sidewalks. I added text and boarder around it. I am pretty happy with the result!

Since it is freezing outside, just for fun, I did a quick search on how to stay warm inside your home. Here is what I found (I actually already do most of them):

* Close all of your windows properly * Close off any un-used rooms * Put down a rug or carpet * Add insulation in the attic and the crawl space * Exercise * Wear a hat * Dress in layers * Cook * Drink a warm cup of tea or coffee * Sip some warm broth * Light a candle * Find a pet or friend to snuggle with *

Lookie here, I finally convinced Luke and took Pargo to get his formal portraits done. She did a wonderful job at capturing Pargo's personality. Her artistic ability is just wonderful too! I am really satisfied. If you are interested in getting your furry babies professional portraits done, please contact her at sugarlens@gmail.com. :)


  1. Nice job Bong, that snow pic looks like it was taken in the mountains or something. I look out the window and can't imagine how she pulled it off. But yeah, snow decided to pay us a visit today and felt like staying for a while. Luckily, we both avoided all the mess on the road by leaving work early.

    As for the GoGo picture, I say it's all about the content. Seriously, who can mess up a picture of the Parg? ^-^

  2. haha, if you do say so yourself. :)


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