Rubber Stamps? No Thanks.

I am a tad unembarrassed to post this collage of pictures. Yes, I know it is an eye sore. It is also Luke's 30th birthday card. One Saturday afternoon not long ago, I sat down and made this card. As you can see, it was a disaster, I showed zero creativity. In fact, I had a hard time gluing without making a mess. I got ink all over my hands and couldn't stamp without shaking. ::sigh:: I was hopeless.

A few days before that particular Saturday, I was sure that I wanted to pick up card-making as a new hobby, not just with gocco, but with techniques such as stamping and embossing. I was watching an eBay listing of rubber stamps (32 sets!) and was sure that I was going to bid on it when the time came. Luckily, I made this card before the auction was to end. It knocked some sense in me.

Yeah, there is no way I am picking this rubber stamping up as a hobby. It's way too complicated. I thought it would be easy. Take a rubber stamp, stamp it on a folded cardstock, and call it a card. Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, long story short, I will stick with gocco as my outlet for being creative. Ahbow liked the card regardless and it's now safely stored, along with all the cards (store bought) I've given him through the years. =]


  1. I think it looks good, the little chicks look so cute, and it is the thought that counts, Lucky Luke!

  2. what a great surprise. came home from another crappy saturday of classes to this wonderful card from a wonderful wife. she just makes everything all better. yup!


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