1 Fish 2 Fish Up Up Up!

After our adventure at Turtle Bay, I was looking forward to snorkeling again at the famous Hanauma Bay. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day to go snorkeling. I will get to that later.

Following the same protocol, we took Bus #22, the Beach Bus, to Hanauma Bay. The ride wasn't bad because we had learned about the bus schedule the previous day. So instead of waiting aimlessly for a bus to come, we knew when to expect a bus. A positive note about our hotel location is that it is the first pick-up stop, so we were always guaranteed a seat (yeah, we are not giving up our seats for any kiddies or preggy ladies). 50 minutes later, we reached our destination spot.

After paying an entrance fee of $5 per person (Turtle Bay was free, by the way), we entered the Education Center and exhibit area. Before visitors can go down to the beach area, we all have to watch a 5-minute presentation on the history of the Bay, the protection of coral reefs, and other good stuff. While waiting for the presentation, we had time to walk around the top to take a few pictures. Pretty, don't you agree?

Here we are in the Education Center and exhibit area. Note that we were sporting our new matching shorts that we had just bought the day before at the International Market Place! We also bought tatamis. It is very popular, you are not a tourist without one.

To get to the beach area, we had to walk down this path, picture below. Walking down is easy, but harder walking up because of the incline. There is actually a shuttle that takes people up and down. It's 50 cents to go down and a buck to come up. I can understand old people taking it, but for anyone else, you are just plain lazy.

We found a spot and laid down our tatamis and towels. I still had my shirt on because it was so windy! It wasn't cold, but just cloudy and windy. Not the greatest day, but at this point, I didn't know the worst was yet to come. I thought the fishes would still be out and about. Boy was I wrong.

Hand in hand, we snorkeled, looking for colorful fishes. What did we see? I say we saw less than 10 fishes during our trip at Hanauma Bay. The waves were too big and the water was too cloudy that day. Tired of seeing muddy water and getting pushed around by the waves, I didn't stay in the water for too long at all. Luke ended up taking off his snorkeling gear and just went out for a swim. On the land wasn't much better either because of the wind. I was a little bit bummed about our trip to Hanauma, but at least I did get to see fishes at Turtle Bay so I didn't mind too much that we didn't get to see anything here.

We walked up the incline and decided to take more pictures of the view. Luke said he likes the following 2 pictures. I do too!

So yeah, our trip to Hanamua wasn't as fun as we had hoped for, but things can't go perfectly all the time. We look forward in coming back again and see more than 10 fishes. :)

A video clip. Listen to the wind and look for the moving palm tree.


  1. Yup, the only good thing about this trip was us sporting our matching shorts. Can't believe how big a letdown this place was. It was mentioned in all the books and tourist mags, and when we got there, it couldn't hold a candle to the Turtle Bay on Kona. It was sad really, this place was packed full of people with kids floating around with their snorkel gear and nothing to see. And even if there were stuff down there, the water was too cloudy. Oh well, at least it was another item we could check off our to-do list.

  2. Hope i have better luck than you guys did! I think I will just pick the sunniest day while i'm there and go!


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