Maui, Day 1, Part A


We spent the first day in Maui tackling the Road to Hana. The Hana Highway is roughly a 50- mile winding road that overlooks the mountain and ocean. This cliff-hugger narrow road is rated as the most beautiful coastal drive in Hawaii. It's unbelievably scenic and I am so glad to have experienced it. On the Hana Highway, there are several waterfalls that you can see right along the road, and some to hike to. We had fun doing both. Maui is really spectacular and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a semi-adventurous vacation.

Playing with the camera while Luke drove.

This was right after mile marker 11. We hiked to this gentle little waterfall called Haipua'ena Falls. Most people don't know about this waterfall since it's pretty tiny and you can't see the pool from the road. While the waterfall wasn't anything to write home about, it was my first real hike in Hawaii!! We climbed over rocks and walked on mud. :)

The path. Over the rocks and through the mud, to the waterfall we go...

we found the falls...

and us being silly as always. =p

We continued on and I snapped few pictures of the scenery as we drove. I didn't have much luck because the ocean view was on the driver's side. Here is my best picture.

We stopped at one of the lookout points, looked back, and took this great photo that clearly shows the Hana Highway. It really is hard to capture the beauty of Hawaii though. This photo doesn't even begin to describe the magnificence of the scenery we saw.

We moved onto mile marker 17 (Ke'anae Penisula Lookout). Here we had a great view of Ke'anae (a quiet little village with goats and cows roaming freely).

After spending a few minutes here, we were getting ready to be on our way when Luke heard something funny coming from the car. He turned to me and asked, "do you hear something?" I said, "nope" and didn't pay much attention as I was about to open the door. Next thing I knew, I heard someone telling Luke that we have a flat tire. I thought the person must be mistaken, but when I walked over, this was what I saw:

Oops, I guess Luke had a little bit too much fun abusing the little car.

Luckily, Luke is a whiz at changing tires so we didn't have to wait for help. Even luckier because we didn't have phone signal where we were anyway. I thought we were gonna have to turn back and get a different car (again, only at mile marker 17) at this point...

but after the spare tire was put on, and because the wheel touched the ground, and because Luke "kicked" it, I knew we were good to go! However, Luke had to drive like a grandpa for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at the Wai'anapanapa State Park a little while later. The park is known for its Blacksand Beach, where the sand is literally black (due to lava). Personally, I wouldn't be caught laying on this sand, but I was surprised to see a couple of people doing just that.

Luke looking out to the cobalt blue water...

Me doing the same

View from above

A nice gentleman who told us all about his camera and his "chip" took this photo for us. We did the same for him and his wife.

We actually almost missed this lava tube cave until we saw a few people coming out. So of course we had to check it out! The outside of the cave was covered with ferns and inside was dripping wet and cool.

The water inside the cave was surprisingly cool.

After the park we finally reached the Town of Hana. It was a regular small town with the local church as its best attraction. All of a sudden, it poured rain so we didn't stop the car to walk around town before forging on.

Shortly after we passed Hana, we saw the Wilua Falls. Wilua Falls is a stunning 100ft drop visible from the road. Everyone stops here to take pictures so we did too.

I am going to stop here now and finish blogging about this day in another post. I am getting tired and I don't want to forget anything. So to be continued...


  1. looks like you had a great time

  2. Lessons learned on the Road to Hanah.

    -when the car rental agency offers to upgrade your pos compact to a mustang for $3, take it (our cheap asses didn't and the dinky cobalt popped one on us)

    -Sunday drivers suck ass even more on one lane roads along the side of a mountain (I wanted to go FAST, like 40-50mph fast on that road but tards kept slowing me down to 10-15 for miles and miles)

    I enjoyed the scenery and the driving (when not behind some wuss) but getting past Hanah and seeing the sights thereafter were the best part. Sitting along the cliff at the end was great. Joyce didn't include any pics of that but it's what I remember most. The ride back wasn't bad at all, Joyce and I stopped by a fruitstand and she picked up a loaf of banana bread. That loaf lasted us for 3 days! Yum!

  3. haha that must have been the world's smallest waterfall


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