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Same as Maui, the cruise ship will dock overnight in Kauai. However, we only have car rental for the first day. Since we will leave at 2pm the second day for Oahu (*sob*), I didn’t think a car was necessary.

Kauai is the most unspoiled of all Hawaiian Islands. Due to that, there isn’t one major road that connects the island (meaning, we can’t do a loop around the island). And that means, we won’t have time to see all the major attractions.

After much research, I have decided to go this route:

Head north from Lihue (where we dock), go up the Eastside and see sights along the way such as beaches and parks. Continue onto North Shore to Princeville (resort community with hotels, restaurants, golf courses), Hanalei (Hanalei Bay and Hanalei Beach Park), Wainiha, and Haena. The main road then ends at Ke'e Beach (stop here for snorkeling?) and an 11-mile hiking trail (Kalalau Trail) starts.

Kalalau is Hawaii’s premier trail, along the Na Pali Coast. The trail runs along high sea cliffs, and winds up and down across lush valleys. The scenery is supposedly breathtaking, with green cliffs dropping into turquoise waters. Are we going to hike this trail? Heck no. It takes 1 full day for an experienced hiker to complete the trail. Most people take 2 days and camp overnight. For me, I think it would take a week. We will most likely hike the first 2 miles to Hanakapiai Beach.

The following images are from Flickr.

Na Pali Coast

Kalalau Trail, looks steep!

Hanakapiai Beach, only accessible from the Kalalau Trail

However, by going this route, we will miss the Waimea Canyon.

On Day 2 in Kauai, we will spend a leisurely morning at nearby Kalapaki Beach or walk the town of Lihue. Our cruise ship leaves at 2pm and hopefully it will sail by the Na Pali Coast so we can get a different view from the sea.

Next stop: Oahu (aka, the end of our cruise)


  1. Ummm...I don't think so. I'll be driving and I want to head south and see the canyon instead. I mean, we'll be seeing plenty of coastal scenery during the whole trip, after all, we'll be on islands. But we sure won't see many canyons. Nope! So yeah, we go south! Hmph! ^-^


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