Pre-Trip Report Part III

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Our third port of call is a seaside village of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. It is located in the Kona district, known for its clear waters and sunny climate. The cruise ship will dock at Kona for 11 hours. We won't have a rental car this time because I've read that it's a hassle -- but we will reach the beaches via public transportation. I hope the weather will indeed be sunny that day because the plan is to get in the water!

According to the books, Kona is an ideal walking port, with several historic sites and shopping villages within walking distance. We will do that for a bit once we get off the ship. However, I definitely want to go to Kahulu'u Beach Park for snorkeling. If we can find it, I also want to venture out to Kealakekua Bay (also for snorkeling). I want to swim with sea turtles and see colorful fishies!!

That's going to be me! =] Hahaha, I hope I don't get scared. Images below are from Flickr.

I love yellow tang

Really I don't have much planned for Kona. We will just get on the bus and see where it takes us!

Next port of call: Kauai.


  1. Ooooh, Suggy in a bikini surrounded by fishies in the big blue sea. Yes please, more more more!!

    No need for car, we'll just eat and swim and take pictures. Yup!

  2. Thank you for leaving me comments ahbow! You are the bestest! =]


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