Pre-Trip Report Part II

Pre-Trip Report Part I

I am so glad we will have almost 2 full days in Maui. One drawback about cruising is that you never get enough time on the islands to explore. I am sure 2 days still won’t be enough to see all the splendor of Maui, but it will give me a glimpse of what I need to come back for next time!

Again, we have a car rental reserved with Budget. Following the same drill, we will try to get up early enough to avoid the long line to disembark. Our agenda for our first day in Maui is simple yet jam-packed: drive the Hana Highway. This coastal highway runs along Maui’s north coast from Kahului (where our ship docks) to Hana. Our plan is to drive all 50 miles of the Highway to reach the Town of Hana. There are many trails, outlooks, and parks along the Highway. I don't have the exact stops planned (I am not THAT organized!), but will definitely have to remember to stop at Halfway to Hana for some fresh-baked banana bread and fruit slices! :)

A view of the Hana Highway, courtesy of Google Image.

However, our journey doesn't' end at Hana because I want to visit Haleakala National Park (the coastal area), where Ohe’o Gulch (“Seven Sacred Pools”) is located. If time allows, I want to hike the Pipiwai Trail and see Makahiku Falls (half mile) and Waimoku Falls (two miles). I read it will take 2 hours to reach Waimoku Falls (a gigantic waterfall drops 400-feet down a sheer lava rock wall), but I’ve seen amazing pictures online and I want to see it in person! In reality though, we most likely won’t make the hike due to time constraints.

The following images are courtesy of Flickr.

Ohe'o Gulch at the bottom...

Pipiwai Trail to reach the...

Waimoku Falls at the end

After Ohe’o Gulch or the hike, we will take the same way back to the cruise ship. Hope there will still be parking spaces…if not, I heard that we will have to take our car back to the rental place and pick up again the next morning.

On our second day in Maui, we will head to the west side of the island. Our first stop is Lahaina. Lahaina is a port (some cruise ships dock there, but ours will duck in Kahului) that is now a center for whale watching throughout the winter. From my research, it is also a small town with unique galleries, boutique stores, and fresh sea-food eateries. We will spend a few hours walking around the town before heading south from there - to Ma'alaea.

The stretch between Lahanina and Ma'alaea has mountain scenery, but in the winter, people look toward seaward for humpback whales! I will be doing the same while Luke drives. :) We will stop along the way, maybe do a little bit snorkeling if the water is calm.

Then we will head up north back to the cruise ship, but stopping at Iao Valley State Park first. According to the books, "Iao Valley is a peaceful lush area with easy hikes, exotic tropical plants, and clear, natural pools. The ridge-top lookout offers a fantastic view of the valley and Kahului Harbor."

Iao Needle at the Iao Valley State Park, image courtesy of Flickr.

This will probably conclude our stay in Maui. Next up, back to the Big Island, Kona.

**I should add that everything I write here is subject to change once we get there. I have a few key destinations in mind that I'd like to see, but if we see more places while reaching to those key destinations, that would be even better! And if we don't see all the key destinations, that will suit me just fine as well. :) I need to remember that the point is to RELAX.


  1. And that's just what they'll do! One of these days they're gonna walk all over Maui too!! hehehehe....

    There's no need to plan all the stops. We'll just cruise around and see whatever we can see. It's a holiday!!


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