We went home yesterday to celebrate my brother's birthday. My mom prepared hot pot with all the fixings and we brought home an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

I love hot pot, especially during the winter. This picture was taken in Taiwan back in 2005 when Luke and I vacationed there for 2 weeks. My favorite ingredient is pig's blood (pork blood with sticky rice). It sounds gross, but really delicious! Pig's blood is not readily available where we live, but on my brother's recent trip to LA, he brought some back. :) So we had pig's blood last night. It was mmmmMmmmmm good!

Last night, we also had "salty fried chicken," a popular Taiwan night market snack. We ate it almost on a daily basis during our vacation. "Lilo" made it just like the ones in Taiwan! She gave me the recipe so I will have to give it a try sometime.

Picture from here.

We were full after all the food, but still had cake! Happy Birthday!!

Cookies 'n Cream


  1. Lilo makes good chicken, very good, Taiwan street style. Kinda like in the movie Ratatiollie when the mean critic ate his dish and was transported back to his childhood, that was how I felt when I had her chicky. Of course, my flashback was to our trip over to Taiwan a few years ago, but still...I felt as if we were walking the night markets all over again! Hmmm....I wonder when our next trip there will be?


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