Mele Kalikimaka!!

{Translation: Merry Christmas}

Currently we are sitting in our hotel room in Waikiki. Luke is on his DS and I am browsing as usual. We also have cable TV. It feels like we are back home. :)

We got off the cruise ship yesterday. The cruise part of our honeymoon was simply wonderful! We did so much and saw many new things. I will be blogging about it for months to come.

Yesterday we walked all over downtown Honolulu and Chinatown. This morning we walked along the famous Waikiki Beach. Although it's Christmas, it doesn't feel like it here. There are some Christmas decorations here and there, but all the shops remain open for the tourists. Except for some occasion light showers, the weather is balmy and really beautiful.

After today we only have 4 full days left on our honeymoon. :( So sad that it is soon coming to an end, but some things to look forward to when I get home...

1) Pargo. I miss the little guy so much.
2) Pictures! Heather should be sending us our wedding photo DVD pretty soon, if not already. I am looking forward in printing them and making an album. Finally I will have hard copies of our photos!
3) Blog. Looking forward in sharing our amazing Hawaiian honeymoon with lots and lots of pictures.
4) House. Will this be the year that we finally buy a house? Our lease ends at the end of Feb..will we buy a place of our own?

Well, gotta go for now. I leave with a pic of us just taken this morning.

Just having fun with my hubby...


  1. Yeah, cruise ended and we spent the day wandering around by foot. Christmas definitely feels different when you're not at home. But still, I didn't mind being in a new sunny city with my new wife at all!


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