my version of pho

Luke and I share the same love for a good bowl of pho. He always says, “There is nothing like a warm bowl of noodle soup on a coooooooooold winter day!” He’s right! There is plentiful of pho houses where we live, but we don’t frequent them often, maybe once every couple of months. Between those months, I make my own version of “pho” at home. It’s easy, delicious, fresh, economical, convenient, and always super hot (the way I like it). And we can eat in our jammies.

Pictures from Wikipedia.

Typical beef pho

A chicken-based pho

I don’t follow a recipe. Basically, I fill up my soup pot 85% full with water, add a cube of chicken bullion, 5 or 6 chicken drumsticks, a couple of carrots, bring the soup to a boil, and then turn the heat down to simmer for an hour or two. I add salt, HonDashi, and fish sauce to the soup to make it more flavorful. I pulled the chicken meat off the drumsticks so it’s easier to eat and serve. Around this time, Pargo is a happy dog because he gets all the chicken scraps. =]

My favorite part of pho is the noodles. The noodles are called bánh phở in Vietnamese. It is cut from wide sheets of fresh rice at the restaurants, but I use dried noodles (also called "rice sticks") at home. It tastes a bit different, but just as good.

For garnishes, we always have cilantro. However, sometimes we go all out and have basil (mmmmm….love that smell) and hot green chili pepper. As for Luke, hoisin is what he grew up with and it’s a must for him. I like Sriracha in mine. At the restaurants, bean sprouts are common, but we pass on that because we both dislike it.

Fresh ingredients - basil, cilantro, rice sticks, and Sriracha

Our home-made pho!! Looks yummy, no?

I love cooking pho because it makes our home feels homier. It is a dish I cook time and time again because of its simplicity and deliciousness. It warms our tummy on cold winter days. Yup, there is nothing like a warm bowl of noodle soup on a coooooooooold winter day!


  1. Yum! So full, been eating so much lately. But still, nothing like hot soup on a cold winter day!!


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