Catch-All Part II

Catch-All Part I

Some random updates to finish catching up.

Shortly after we settled back to our old routine after the wedding, I started planning our Hawaii honeymoon. We will be gone from 12 /16 to 12/31. Honestly can’t wait to cruise around the islands and then stay in Waikiki for a week. Before the wedding, we have already booked the cruise, air, and hotel part of the honeymoon. So basically all the major items are booked. Since then, however, I canceled the Hilton reservation and booked at The Equus. The review on TripAdvisor is excellent and it’s a lot cheaper and as I mentioned before, we are all about cutting costs where we see fit. With the extra money saved from the hotel, we will be able to do a lot more excursions and buy souvenirs. I used Priceline and reserved rental cars so we can drive around the islands on our own instead of booking those expensive cruise excursions. This Hawaii trip actually won’t be as pricey as I thought it would be. We also bought our own snorkeling gears from Amazon too so we won’t have to rent (since we are planning on snorkeling more than once!).

Planning books and binder. I put all our reservations, cruise itinerary, research, maps, etc, all in this binder. I even put all the important docs in sheet protectors! =]

I think this is the first time in the last few years that I did not go to the mall on Black Friday. However, Luke and I did wake up early to get a paper trimmer from Michaels. I had been meaning to buy one for a while and when I saw the deal, I just had to wake up at 5:30am and get my hands on it! Once we got there, there were still lots of trimmers on the shelves that I bought 2. Thanks babes for coming with me!

My baby with a new bag I bought weeks ago from here.

Luke and I went to the mall a month or two ago and saw this mirror at Bath and Body Works. For obvious reasons, Luke immediately got it for me. =]

The shopping spree continued with a purchase of this pretty little ginkgo plate from this seller. She actually created a customized plate for me, but after sending me the pictures, I didn't like it. She was so nice and understanding and told me that I didn't have to buy it. I didn't end up buying that particular plate, but since I still like her work, I bought this yellow ginkgo plate instead. Now we use it to hold our rings. This is an upgrade from the paper towel we used before!

Missing Luke's ring because he wasn't home when I took the picture.

A friend introduced me to baklava last Christmas. She gave me a box from Shatila. They were absolutely heavenly. I love the flaky crust, soaked in honey. Luke loves it just as much, if not more. This year, instead of hoping she would get us another box :), we took the matter into our own hands and purchased a couple of boxes right before Thanksgiving. We got boxes for both of our parents and more for us. Since then, we have long finished the variety pack and a full tray of fingers is now sitting in our freezer. We will work on the fingers after we come back from Hawaii. Something to look forward to after our honeymoon! (PS - you can see me eating baklava at Tangierine Cafe at Disney here :))

I highly recommend baklava as holiday gifts to your friends/family/coworkers!!

The tray takes up half of our freezer space.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't remind me, we woke up so early for a friggin plastic scissor. I still can't believe it. But sugar is happy, and that's all that matters in the end. A happy sug and a box full of baklavas!

    Honeymoon is right around the corner!!!


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