(big) kids at a candy store

Imagine going to see a movie and have your pick of whatever your heart desires from the concession stand. Well, that's exactly what Luke and I did this morning!! =] My company sponsored a movie day for the employees at the Tysons AMC today. Even though it was at 9am , it wasn't too early for us! The feature presentation was Enchanted (they kept it PG for the kiddies). Honestly thought the movie was a disappointment. The concept was refreshing, but the cast and the story did not deliver. But at least we got free snacks!

We got - popcorn, sour jacks, reeses peanut butter pieces, junior mints, chocolate-covered raisins, fruit snacks, skittles, a hot dog, cherry icee, and a bottle of water. =] Yes, we were greedy. =p

Of course we didn't finish everything. In fact, we hardly made a dent. So in the middle of the movie, Luke had me put some candies in my purse to take home. He then put a bag in his pocket. What he didn't realize until after we got home was that the box of junior mints was still on the tray and he accidentally threw it away, along with the trash. =( Waaaah!!

Overall, a great treat. Thanks Booz!


  1. I dunno, a lot of bad things have happened to me throughout my life, but rarely are they ever self-inflicted. This case with the Junior Mints, is...well...just horrible!!! I'm still trying to move beyond this. [sniffles] Hopefully the Hawaii holiday will help me move on. (;-;*)


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