what is sugarlens blog?

When I started sugarlens blog in April, I was really into taking pictures of anything and everything. Actually, I started the blog BECAUSE I wanted a place to showcase my work online (easy access for friends and family). Soon I found that it takes a LOT of work to edit and especially to organize thousands of photos. Also, my artistic ability to see things more than the way they are is limited that I didn’t think I would be able to keep the interest of my (2 or 3) readers, not to mention my own interest! So that idea was out of the window pretty much from the very beginning.

So, the content of the blog took a different turn. While it still consisted of random pictures I took, it was more personal, more about me. While it was not a play-by-play of my day (ie, wake up at 6am, go to work, come home), I blogged about the little moments that shaped my life. From April to early September, I was heavily occupied in planning my wedding and you can see that majority of the posts from that time were about the planning process and accomplishments. The blog acted as a journal to help me remember the joy of wedding planning!

Now that the wedding is over, what should I blog next? I have been on a blog-craze lately – getting inspired by fellow bloggers. Few of my favorites are: Black*Eiffel, Oh Happy Day, the SCOOP, How About Orange, Oh Joy! and a lot more!

I love their unique finds and their commentaries on them. Maybe I can do that? I won’t have to take any pictures of my own. I will simply find cutesy stuff online and post them. Easy. But honestly, I enjoy looking at the pretty things, but finding them would be another issue. Also, do I really have the time to do that often enough to keep my blog updated? And to be honest, blogging about current trends doesn't have the personal feeling I want. Most importantly, I don’t have the audience. Basically, I would be posting about things only for me to look at (I am sure Luke won’t be interested). What’s the point of that? Ten years from now, do I really want to look back and see the stuff I thought was cute back in 2007? No.

So, I’ve made up my mind. My blog is not to educate or to influence or to inspire. I will still write about the little moments that shape my life, and if it happens to educate or influence or inspire my readers, great! I will write about our weekends, our dog, our friends, hobbies, cooking, books, movies, and more. Whatever I write, it will be personal so that I can look back years from now and remember. I may post about a fabulous find every so often, but it will be because I happen to come across it, not in search for it. The blog will reflect the original tag line – “This is a story about us….through sugarlens”.

=] I will end this post with a picture of us.


  1. Yup, it's these little moments. Life is composed of all these lil moments. =]

    I feel gassy today. ^__^


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