It's here! It's here!

I rushed home from work today because I knew there was a package waiting for me. Actually I was supposed to have gotten it yesterday, but I wasn't home to sign for the package. To make sure that it didn't happen again, Luke went to the post office at 8am this morning to pick it up for me. Just as I thought, he put the package under our tree like it was a Christmas present. Silly bower! Of course I wasn't going to wait until Christmas to open the package so I ripped it open and I present you -- Print Gocco!!

Sitting under the tree...

How did I discover this neat screen printer? Well, let me tell you. Shortly after the wedding, I learned about weddingbee. Now you may be wondering what the heck am I doing reading a blog on weddings now that I am happily married. It turns out, weddingbee is more than just about weddings. The bloggers (or the bees) are all really creative in DIY projects. Sure they are all wedding-related DIY projects, but that didn't stop me from wanting to do something DIY as well!

One thing the bees all have in common is that they all have this machine called Print Gocco. I did more research and was amazed by what this machine can do. I started dreaming about making cards, prints to hang on the wall, etc. After much thought (and with Luke's buy-in), I went ahead and purchase one off etsy. Fast forward to the present, the machine is now in the house, on the floor, ready for action!

Realistically, I won't start playing with it until after the holidays. However, I will start playing with my first design soon. I have no idea what kind of design I will come up with especially since I am not a good drawer, but with photoshop and a little manipulation, hopefully I can come up with something decent.

Print Gocco is actually quite expensive. The machine itself is a one-time cost. but the supplies is another story. Each time you print a design, you have to use 1 screen and 2 bulbs. Those are NOT cheap. I have already bought some supplies (screens, bulbs, inks) to last a while from this place. I did my research and they are the cheapest. The lady I dealt with, Judy, gave me free shipping because I made such a big purchase. In addition, you get an additional 5% off if you mail the check to her.

Extra supplies

So this is it. I don't have an excuse not to get creative now. Oh wait, yes I do. I still need to buy paper!


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