my relationship with Disney World

Disney World will forever be a special place to me. It is the destination of my family’s first vacation in the US. It is the first major vacation Luke and I took while dating. Lastly, it is the place we picked to start our married life together. Before I start to forget the little moments of our Disneymoon, I want to write about it. I also want to back-track and reminisce about my visits to Disney in the past.

We booked our Disneymoon trip back in April. It was a lazy Sunday morning and I was flipping through the Travel section of the Post. At that time, our honeymoon destination was still up in the air. We wanted to go to Greece, but timing was an issue. Within 1 hour of seeing the Disney ad in the paper, we booked our trip (flights and all)! Yes, we love Disney THAT much and the deal was THAT good.

Ad from the Post.

Disney is infamous for its over-priced food (whether inside the parks or the resorts). I remember when my parents took my brothers and me to Disney when we were young, we would get roast beef sandwiches from Arby’s before heading to the park for the day. At that time, outside food was not allowed so we would keep the sandwiches in the car and around lunch time, instead of paying $10 for a chicken sandwich, we would go to our car and have our roast beef sandwiches. Hey, when you have 5 mouths to feed, you think of ways to save money whenever you can!

Luke is too cool to eat roast beef sandwiches out in the parking lot. However, that doesn’t mean we splurge either. During our previous 2 trips to Disney together, we only ate at a couple of sit-down places. Our first visit there, we stayed off-ground and had a suite with a kitchen. We actually went to a grocery store and cooked a couple of times! Majority of the time though, we grabbed food at counter-services. Don’t feel bad for me; it was a treat to just eat inside the parks!! I feel like I’ve made it!

I am rambling… The incredible deal that we found this April that made us book the trip so hastily was because of the Disney Dining Plan. It was FREE when you book a 5-nights/6-days stay at a Disney resort. Sign us up please! After the payments have been made, we waited patiently for September to come (to be honest, we looked forward to Disney more than the wedding itself), waited patiently to eat at all those amazing restaurants Disney has to offer, but were always too sensible to splurge.

Now nearly 3 months after our Disneymoon, it’s time to reflect. Our Disneymoon was different from the previous 2 trips. Instead of rushing to get on as many rides as possible, see as many shows as possible, we took it easy. Basically, we stopped and smelled the roses. We held hands, strolled around the parks, took in the atmosphere, ate way too much delicious foods, posed for photos, and just unwind. We visited all 4 Disney parks and EPCOT still holds its place as our favorite.

As mentioned, we came to this trip with the DDP included so we could eat at those fancy, over-priced restaurants that we once avoided. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here I post a few picture of us pigging out.

Here is me at 50s Diner at MGM and Tangierine Cafe at EPCOT.

Clockwise from the top: me enjoying a slushie at AK, Luke having his lunch outside at Tony's Town Square Restaurant, me eating a strawberry short-cake sundae from Mrs. Potts' Cupboard, me picking on fries at Restaurantosaurus, and us dining at Narcoossee's.

Luke and I will never stop cutting costs wherever we can. Despite that it was our honeymoon and people always say, “Oh, it’s a once in a lifetime and you should treat yourself!”, we kept it real and stayed Pop Century Resort. And you know what? Staying at a value resort did not make our honeymoon any less amazing, any less special, or any less magical.

The following photos are courtesy of (the BEST unofficial Disney website).

Our colorful bigger-than-life resort.

We stayed at one of the 80s buildings this time. Last year we stayed at the 60s, picture below. The Yo-Yo you see here is actually a staircase.

To my surprise, one of my favorite memories of the trip was not from dining at a fancy restaurant or from the thrill of a ride. It was this: After a long day at Animal Kingdom, Luke and I went back to Pop and got counter-service food at Everything Pop (he had salmon and I got shrimp noodles). We (or rather he) carried the tray of food and went back to our room for a quiet meal together. It was a simple evening, most people probably won’t think twice about it, but to me, it was a special treat.

Luke carrying the tray of goodies.

While at Disney this September, we took advantage of the Bounce-Back Program and booked our anniversary trip for next year! We will be on the DDP again! Can’t wait to try more restaurants! But I know that I will grin just as hard if I was handed a roast beef sandwich in the parking lot. For 2 reasons: 1) I will be at Disney World, and 2) I will be with my bower celebrating our blissful marriage! So there you have it, my relationship with Disney World. It has been long and deep and I can't wait for it continue for a very long long time!


  1. Great trip, as always when we're together. Traveling with my new wife was the bestest! Too bad we can't spend all our days traipsing about. But I guess it just makes the get aways that much more special.

    I can't wait to fly outta here and get back home today to see our little family.

    "We have wishes...!" (^-^*)


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