Catch-All Part I

I am going into work late today. The boss decided to have a meeting from 3:30 to 5pm. For those who know me, 3:30 is my quitting time. So, since I will be staying later, I might as well go in later. =]

Up until a couple of days ago, my blog has been neglected for a very long time. Now I am back full-force, I want to update it as much as possible! So here are a couple of things I've missed in the past few months. This is a catch-all post.

Our awesome photographer, Heather Hopkins of Dolphindance Photography released this to us a while back as teasers. While I am usually a private person and hesitant in sharing personal photos on the Internet, I want to give Heather as much credit as possible! Everyone said she did a great job and I agree whole-heartily! I know pretty much no one reads my blog, but just in case that someone other than Luke is here and you happen to be a bride, give Heather a call! I really want Heather to do a session with Pargo....but I still need to convince Luke that it is necessary. :)

We celebrated my 29th birthday a week after the wedding. Luke gave me this backpack from LL Bean! It has my new initials and I can't wait to lug it around Hawaii in a few weeks. Overall, it was a very nice birthday. We went home to celebrate it with my family. Next year will be the big one!

Speaking of birthdays, Pargo turned 2 earlier this month! As presents, we gave him a whole drumstick (with skin and meat and everything) and new customized food and water bowls. He enjoyed the drumsticks, but I don't think he likes the food bowl as much as his old one. See, Pargo is a picky eater and he likes to pick through his kibbles (his current favorites are the red and green ones). Now that his new bowl is much smaller, he doesn't get lots of room to dig through them. Lately I have found more kibbles laying on the carpet. That dog!

Pargo was very patient while I took a picture first.

Yum, chicken!

No, we did not get a new dog! Finally, a few weeks later, his presents arrived. By then, Luke had already given him a haircut. I got the bowls from this talented lady.

Lastly (I am running out of time...), I made a shadowbox of our Disneymoon! In it, I put the park maps, our Key to the World, a luggage tag, plane ticket stubs, "Just Married" button, and a congratulations autograph from our pals Mickey and Minnie. I embellished it with some Disney stickers. It was an easy project. The hardest part was figuring out what to NOT put in it. Personally I can think up a lot more things I want to put the box, but there was no room. This easy project actually took a few weeks to finish because I couldn't decide. But it's done now and hanging in our bedroom. :)

If you look close enough, you can see my reflection...=]

There will be a Part II to this post because I am out of time and need to get to work! I didn't think I had this much to write....!


  1. Wow, great looking site dear! You really did some magic in with this makeover.

    A++, will marry again. Sugarlens is an asset to the blogger community. hehehhe....^____^

  2. just saw the link to your wedding video teaser again from your photographer. she really did a great job! also i should get a LL Bean backpack too, too late for hawaii but i can use it in bali


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