Last Weekend

Gosh, it has been a while. Where has the time gone? Next Sunday is it! I hope to have a fun time, sunny weather, and be married by the end of the day. :)

Tiffany hosted a BBQ a few weeks ago for the girls. The old me would've uploaded the photos the minute I got back. However, the last few weeks have been quite busy with wedding planning so I am just getting to it now. Actually, I am getting the camera ready for the wedding/honeymoon so I am just cleaning out my SD card. :P

Here is Justin and Pargo. Justin was just getting ready to have lunch - Cheerios, hamburgers, and blueberries. Next to him is Pargo, looking for food.

I think Pargo found a new best friend.

After many tries, we finally got a good shot of the group. Try to take a photo with 2 babies and a dog, it's hard!


  1. hmph! i wasn't invited. hmph! i could've taken pics, but noooo, no one wanted me there. hmph!


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