little people

We went to visit Tiffany's babies today. I still can't believe within 7 months, Tiffany is now a mother of two. She can't be happier and I am happy for her. Justin is so cool. He just turned 1 yesterday but he's already crawling, walking, and even running. Baby Mark is a good baby too. We were there for an hour and he never cried. He's a quiet little guy, just chilling in Tiffany's arms and drinking his bottle.

What I saw:

Happy family, minus Dan

Big Brother

This is an awesome photo. Taken by Luke, edited by me. It reminds me of the little girl from Monsters, Inc.



  1. Yesh, Justin is a neat lil bugger. Runs around and grabs things and slobbers on them. yup! And at only 1 year old too.

  2. I like the name shot too, creative.


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