With exactly 99 days to go, we decided on the inscriptions inside the wedding rings today.


*edit* We had a change of heart and here is what we decided:

Luke's - Joyce AI NI OH Luke
Mine - AI NI OH

We were pleasently surprised when the lady at Tiffany told us the engraving is free. Of course, with the money we have spent at the place, a complemntary engraving is a smart thing to do to keep us coming back. We will be back! I love their celebration rings. One for 1 year anniversary, one for 30th birthday, one for just because....can't wait!!


  1. one year my ass. I don't think so. nope! ai ni oh! =D

  2. what? i didn't know the inscriptions are free. check out cartier's three tone trinity band, i like it.


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