Sunday, June 24, 2007

little people

We went to visit Tiffany's babies today. I still can't believe within 7 months, Tiffany is now a mother of two. She can't be happier and I am happy for her. Justin is so cool. He just turned 1 yesterday but he's already crawling, walking, and even running. Baby Mark is a good baby too. We were there for an hour and he never cried. He's a quiet little guy, just chilling in Tiffany's arms and drinking his bottle.

What I saw:

Happy family, minus Dan

Big Brother

This is an awesome photo. Taken by Luke, edited by me. It reminds me of the little girl from Monsters, Inc.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am back

Couple updates:

1) Started and finished putting ribbons on the fans. Hopefully the guests will find them useful.

2) Sent out our wedding website to people. Click here for the website and contact me for the password.

3) Bought floating candles for the centerpieces. There is a story behind it actually - I found them on Illuminations last week and kept on waiting to buy them thinking that the price may drop. They sold out online yesterday and today I had to call one of their stores in Cali to see if they have any. Luckily they do and they are being mailed to me. Lesson Learned: if you see something you like, just buy it!

4) Used leftover paper from the invitation kit and made Thank You notes yesterday. I love making my own cards, everything is customized. =]

5) Oh yes, got our rings back from Tiffany today. They look GREAT!

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Saturday, June 2, 2007


With exactly 99 days to go, we decided on the inscriptions inside the wedding rings today.


*edit* We had a change of heart and here is what we decided:

Luke's - Joyce AI NI OH Luke
Mine - AI NI OH

We were pleasently surprised when the lady at Tiffany told us the engraving is free. Of course, with the money we have spent at the place, a complemntary engraving is a smart thing to do to keep us coming back. We will be back! I love their celebration rings. One for 1 year anniversary, one for 30th birthday, one for just because....can't wait!!

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