I bought this from Michaels more than a month ago. Luke and I were looking for DIY invitation ideas since getting them done professionally is crazy expensive (at least $150). We saw this kit in the clearance section for $15 and grabbed it up immediately. I did a test try the night we got it (see Detail Shots posting), but this morning, we printed out all the invitations, response cards, directions cards, and reception cards. I feel a sense of accomplishment. It took about 2 hours to finish using our little Samsung laser printer. They turned out nicely and now we just need to pretty them up a bit before sending them out in mid-July!

Cover of the box...a bit worn...but the price was right!

Our hard work.


  1. yup! sug did all the hard work, the lil printer got all hot and sweaty, and I just sat there stacking the documents. yup! what a morning!

  2. and oh yeah, I found the cards. yup! me me me.

    "danku luke!"

    "oh, you're welcome. it was nothing. my pleasure. anytime."



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