all that wedding stuff

I stayed home today from work...just felt like extending the 3-day weekend for one extra day. =]
My accomplishments:

A map of the Gardens so our guests don't get lost. I took the map from the Visitor Center when we visited it in March. It was just a plain black and white map, but look what I can do with Photoshop! I am pretty happy with my work. We will include this in the wedding invitation.
The favors. Yesterday Luke and I assembled the favors and today I finished up the last few (had to run to Walmart this morning to get more ribbons). The chopsticks were $1 each, I got the tags from a lady on eBay for $7, and $4 for the ribbons. SO....the cost for each pair is $1.28. Not bad at all!

Tonight I am meeting a home-based florist who can work with my $100 flower budget.

Since my photographer is already costing me an arm and a leg for her service, I got the bare minimum deal -- 4 hours of photography and a DVD with the edited images. No books or anything. I am looking forward in creating my own book later this year, with all the photos I am taking while planning the wedding, the wedding photos, and the photos of our honeymoons. It will be lots of work and fun and I am already looking into who I will use to create the book. Yay for DIY!


  1. so pwetty, sug is a photoshopping guru now. but yeah, must follow map. must not get lost.

    i wonder if we can use those chopsticks at lunch? hmmm..I'm getting hungry. i need food.


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