The Dressy Story

Yay!! THE dress is here! Of all the days, my wedding dress arrived on the day that I had to work late. I was so worried that UPS wouldn't leave it at the door...but luckily, Luke came home earlier to wait for the shipment. Thanks babes! I love love love my dress. It's simple and elegant and fits me perfectly. No alteration required! I may add a champagne color sash, but that's it! I was also nervous about the length too because I got a P4 instead of a regular 2. But again, with my shoes on, the length couldn't be more perfect.

Here is The Dressy Story:
I ordered* the Lillian Duchess Satin gown back in late March, but after waiting for more than a month, I finally called JCrew to see what's up. After hearing many stories, they finally confirmed that they are no longer expecting any new shipment for the Lillian. The only hope of me getting one is if a customer returns a size 2. I was thinking, Darn! Should I wait? Then I remembered their Vivian gown -- it's very similar to the Lillian, except without the sash, and MUCH more reasonably priced. The Vivian gown is discontinued, but it still shows up in the sale section every now and then. So while on the phone with a coordinator from Special Occasion, I asked about the Vivian. She found one in stock! This all happened last Friday, and I received the dress today. =] Sooo happy with my gown and can't wait to wear it!

I am sure no one reads my blog except Luke, Ken, and Andy, but better to be safe than sorry!

The box that the dress came in. Still unopened at this time...=]

The dress was carefully wrapped.

Luke took the following 3 pictures, but I edited them. That's our fish tank in the back. I think we have 27 fishes. It would've been more but 2 little babies were killed and eaten. We still don't know who the killer is....
Trying on the dress for the first time. Checking myself out....need to get rid of that tan line!

This should be entered in some contest. Maybe Luke and I will become a husband and wife team, specializing in wedding photography. Hey, hire us!!

I am still wait-listed for the Lillian. It's beautiful, but I love my Vivian dress and I am keeping it. I will cancel the Lillian tomorrow.

4 more months to go!

*I visited 2 local bridal shops with Tiffany and Meredith back in March. After trying on a couple of dresses and saw the prices, I stopped looking and decided to go with JCrew.


  1. glad you like your dress! so pwetty oh! strange tho, when i see you in it, all I wanna do is rip it off! hmmm??? O_O hehehahhahahahaah!!!!


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