Home Sweet Home

It has been exactly 2 months since we moved to "Oakie". With the flowers in bloom, I decided to take Pargo out for some pictures. It was quite windy so we didn't stay out too long.

We live on the 2nd floor.

Hair all messy from the wind =[

Our unit number...

Luke gets complements on his Krispy Kreme shirt wherever he goes. He's so proud of it because he got it for free from taking a survey. Here is Pargo and "Daddy Pargo" from this morning.


  1. hehhee...gogo looks like a pirate with that one eye all covered up. but yup! 2 months loh! feels like home again...

  2. 1 plus 3 is 4. 4 plus 4 is 8. yup! 8! SD800 is in the houuuuuuse! Well, DHL trucky for now. ^__^


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