Here We Go Again!

We booked our honeymoon (Part I)! On the same day of the wedding, we will be heading off to Disney World! Even though we have been to Disney World twice already together (2003 and 2006), we can't wait to go back. This time, as a married couple! =] The package deal is awesome...airefare, 5 nights/6 days at the Pop Century Resort inside WDW, ground/luggage transportation (our luggages will magically show up in our room after we check them in at IAD), 4 days park tickets, 2 meals and 1 snack a day for the whole time there....all for $1212!! WOW!

We were going to stay at the Ritz on our wedding night, but I just canceled the reservation, which means more savings because the Ritz was pricey ($200 a night). =]

Greece was our original plan, but under some circumstances, we can't go there for the number of days we had wanted to spend there. So instead of rushing there and rushing back, we decided just to go somewhere close for a week right after the wedding and have a longer honeymoon (Part II) during winter break.

The posting wouldn't be complete with at least a picture, so this is Luke at Disney in May 2006. See you soon Disney!


  1. sorry oh, but i can't take long excursions anymore. =[ but i luv dizzy! you can never have too much of dizzy! it's OUR place, yup!


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