This is just a personal blog, but visited by quite a few mystery guests. Although I haven't actually received any questions at all, I am never the one to wait for people to ask anyway! I guess just consider this the Future Anticipated Questions section for now.

Why do you blog? How did you come to like it so much?

Blogging is fun! I love sharing my stories with friends and family who I don't see on a regular basis. As an added bonus, my blog acts as a journal. Years from now, I can't wait to look back and reflect on how I have grown.

I will be honest, I spend an obscene number of my hours blogging or thinking of ways to improve my little blog. Probably too much. However, I enjoy designing this little personal website, updating it (almost) daily, and making this my own project. I wouldn't do it otherwise.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, start small. That's how I did it and boy had it evolved!

Your website isn't half bad. What's your secret?

My biggest secret is my husband! He did a tremendous amount of work to make {sugarlens} personalized. Because the blogger template only provided so much, I asked him to do a few things to enhance it. He didn't let me down!

For the most part, all the sources he used for the enhancements can be found here. However, if you see something about the site that you like, but not listed, drop me a line!

I am slowing rolling out a few updates of my own, although may not be readily noticeable. I am not a programmer so progress will be slow. I have high hopes for {sugarlens}, though.

Can you tell me about your recipes?

Sure! I don't claim the recipes to be my own. In fact, almost 100% of the recipes I post can be found online elsewhere. I do research beforehand and pick the versions that I think are the best. I always cook the dishes before posting them on {sugarlens}. Everything I cook are easy to prepare and with easy to find ingredients.

I've thought about starting a blog devoted to just my cooking, but that's just a thought for now.

Some of your pictures are pretty impressive! What camera do you use?

I have two, actually. For point-and-shoot, I use Canon SD800. I recently joined the dSLR club and I have a Canon XSi (with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens). I love both cameras equally. Well...maybe my big camera a tad more.

Your dogs are just adorable. Where can I find a dog just like them!?

Thanks! I am pretty fond of my boys too. My older boy (Pargo) is a Yorkshire Terrier and my younger one (Pesto) is a long-coat Chihuahua. To find yourself a healthy puppy, I recommend going to a reputable breeder. Never go to a pet store!

I see that Pargo is your guest blogger. What about Pesto, will he be blogging too?

Good question! While Pargo is three years old, Pesto is only four months old. Maybe he will become a blogger once he gets older. After all, he doesn't know how to read or type yet. Right now, he's just enjoying his carefree puppy year.

I can't get enough of you! I hope you never stop blogging!

Awww! [blush] Don't worry, that's not in the Next Ten Year Plan. Unless my fingers fall off.

Any questions I'm missing, just send me an email!

Last updated on 1/8/09