Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All About Food

I woke up to a yummy breakfast today. Normally we just have cereal and run, but today is our 4th anniversary and Luke got up early to prep breakfast. Since my new hobby, I have been taking photos of everything.

Here is our breakfast spread. No more sausages for a while! Our calla lilies in the yellow/blue/green pots are sprouting!

We got some tulips last weekend. They were only $5.99 for 10 stems and now I know why. Not even a week yet and they are already wilting. I edited the photo using shadow, highlight, and sharpen.

Corner Bakery (CB) is a special place to us and it is where we dined for our anniversary this year. Actually, we have decided that this is the place we will come every year on 4/25 from now on. Sounds good to me!

This was our order number. I thought it was meaningful because 3 plus 1 is 4. 4 years! I was also trying to be artistic with this shot.

Then came the food. I had my usual Chicken Pesto.

Luke was too embarrassed to let me take a picture of his food. But since he picked a new menu item, there was an advertisement of it right on our table. I took a picture of that instead.

Finally we exchanged cards. I thought it was funny that we both picked green (one of our wedding colors). I learned a new trick tonight (blur in the background, but keep focus on certain things). Here the background is blurred, but the two cards are in focus. Cool!

We took a picture of ourselves, but it's a really bad one. =[ I thought I could fix it in Photoshop, but I am not that good yet. Oh yeah, we also took home some pecan bars from CB. Sooooo delish, but again, no picture.

Happy Anniversary to us! Until next year....

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  1. happy anniversery suggy! you will be getting a fancy new SD800 to take pics wif now. yup! ai ni oh!