About {sugarlens}

{sugarlens} is a website about my daily life, food, travels, crafts, musings, and thoughts. My posts focus on being inspiring, positive, humorous, optimistic, creative, and to live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.

On {sugarlens}, I write about everything under the sun. There are lots of nice blogs out there. Lots. Some focus specifically on food, on design, on crafts, on dogs, on books, or on photography. The list goes on. They are all really inspiring and one of my guilty pleasures is reading them every day.

{sugarlens}, however, is different. It touches upon many areas, perhaps all of what I listed above. Why? Why not?! But partly because while I have many interests, I am expert at none. Yet.

My husband and dog are my guest bloggers - look for their avatars! They sprinkle a little bit of spice around here.

About Me

I was born in Taichung Taiwan and my family immigrated to the US when I was 10. Growing up, instead of hanging out with kids my own age, I hung out with my aunt and parents. My favorite things to do were accompanying them to the market and helping out in the kitchen.

I am an introvert. I prefer the company of one rather the company of twelve. Being in a crowd wears. me. out. I’d rather spend a Friday night in rather than out. However, I love being out and about on sunny days. I enjoy exploring new places, but I also like revisiting old ones that are close to my heart.

Husband and I are Disney fanatics! Spending a few days at Disney World has become an annual tradition for us. Disney is truly the happiest and most magical place in the world. Yes, I really believe that. As much as I like going to Orlando, I hope that, at some point in my life, I will have the fund and the opportunity to travel the world.

I love cooking! And eating. I get such a buzz from experimenting with food and recipes. I cook with fresh ingredients. I stay away from pre-packaged foods, not only they are damaging to my health, but also to my wallet. But, once in a while, there is nothing like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Papa Johns, and KFC.

I enjoy crafty designy things! I invested in a Gocco a while ago, but still waiting for the crafty light bulb to turn on. If I had my own craft room, I would paint one wall with chalkboard paint. Not because I am a doodler, but I just think that’s so awesome.

My husband spoils me! He gifted me with the greatest present ever in 2006. He got me Pargo. Since then, I have a little dog to cuddle and to love. In early 2008, he bought me my first dSLR. I am still learning, but taking good photos really make me happy. But above all, he showers me with love and affection. He makes me smile and laugh.

Life is (pretty darn) good.