Sunday, April 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It has been exactly 2 months since we moved to "Oakie". With the flowers in bloom, I decided to take Pargo out for some pictures. It was quite windy so we didn't stay out too long.

We live on the 2nd floor.

Hair all messy from the wind =[

Our unit number...

Luke gets complements on his Krispy Kreme shirt wherever he goes. He's so proud of it because he got it for free from taking a survey. Here is Pargo and "Daddy Pargo" from this morning.

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Here We Go Again!

We booked our honeymoon (Part I)! On the same day of the wedding, we will be heading off to Disney World! Even though we have been to Disney World twice already together (2003 and 2006), we can't wait to go back. This time, as a married couple! =] The package deal is awesome...airefare, 5 nights/6 days at the Pop Century Resort inside WDW, ground/luggage transportation (our luggages will magically show up in our room after we check them in at IAD), 4 days park tickets, 2 meals and 1 snack a day for the whole time there....all for $1212!! WOW!

We were going to stay at the Ritz on our wedding night, but I just canceled the reservation, which means more savings because the Ritz was pricey ($200 a night). =]

Greece was our original plan, but under some circumstances, we can't go there for the number of days we had wanted to spend there. So instead of rushing there and rushing back, we decided just to go somewhere close for a week right after the wedding and have a longer honeymoon (Part II) during winter break.

The posting wouldn't be complete with at least a picture, so this is Luke at Disney in May 2006. See you soon Disney!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All About Food

I woke up to a yummy breakfast today. Normally we just have cereal and run, but today is our 4th anniversary and Luke got up early to prep breakfast. Since my new hobby, I have been taking photos of everything.

Here is our breakfast spread. No more sausages for a while! Our calla lilies in the yellow/blue/green pots are sprouting!

We got some tulips last weekend. They were only $5.99 for 10 stems and now I know why. Not even a week yet and they are already wilting. I edited the photo using shadow, highlight, and sharpen.

Corner Bakery (CB) is a special place to us and it is where we dined for our anniversary this year. Actually, we have decided that this is the place we will come every year on 4/25 from now on. Sounds good to me!

This was our order number. I thought it was meaningful because 3 plus 1 is 4. 4 years! I was also trying to be artistic with this shot.

Then came the food. I had my usual Chicken Pesto.

Luke was too embarrassed to let me take a picture of his food. But since he picked a new menu item, there was an advertisement of it right on our table. I took a picture of that instead.

Finally we exchanged cards. I thought it was funny that we both picked green (one of our wedding colors). I learned a new trick tonight (blur in the background, but keep focus on certain things). Here the background is blurred, but the two cards are in focus. Cool!

We took a picture of ourselves, but it's a really bad one. =[ I thought I could fix it in Photoshop, but I am not that good yet. Oh yeah, we also took home some pecan bars from CB. Sooooo delish, but again, no picture.

Happy Anniversary to us! Until next year....

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Detail Shots

I have been looking at too many wedding photos lately, but I just love love detail shots. The intricacy of the dress, the breath-taking cake, the colorful table setting, the fun unique favor. The photos have inspired me to take some detail shots of my own.

Our wedding bands. We splurged but Luke insisted, he said "we will be wearing these for the rest of our lives."

With our mock invitation.

These are not exactly bridal shoes. I got them in Vegas while on vacation. It is so unlike me to buy expensive shoes. So although they are not white, I am wearing them anyway on our wedding day.

Here is where we will exchange our vows. Fingers crossed for sunny weather.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Zoo Outing

Today I got to hang out with my friend Tiffany and her baby Justin. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I took over 100 photos, but these by far are my favorites. We rode the metro into the city, ate some good old Micky D's, and snapped some photos around the zoo. Thanks Tiffany for inviting me. Your baby is adorable.

Baby Justin is only 9 months old, but he's already taking steps on his own. He got so much attention.

This shot makes me think of busy NY subway. We were really at the Elephant House.

Tiffany just entered her third trimester. I am so exited for her and her family. Can't wait to meet your newest addition in a couple more months!

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Friday, April 20, 2007


This is just a personal blog, but visited by quite a few mystery guests. Although I haven't actually received any questions at all, I am never the one to wait for people to ask anyway! I guess just consider this the Future Anticipated Questions section for now.

Why do you blog? How did you come to like it so much?

Blogging is fun! I love sharing my stories with friends and family who I don't see on a regular basis. As an added bonus, my blog acts as a journal. Years from now, I can't wait to look back and reflect on how I have grown.

I will be honest, I spend an obscene number of my hours blogging or thinking of ways to improve my little blog. Probably too much. However, I enjoy designing this little personal website, updating it (almost) daily, and making this my own project. I wouldn't do it otherwise.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, start small. That's how I did it and boy had it evolved!

Your website isn't half bad. What's your secret?

My biggest secret is my husband! He did a tremendous amount of work to make {sugarlens} personalized. Because the blogger template only provided so much, I asked him to do a few things to enhance it. He didn't let me down!

For the most part, all the sources he used for the enhancements can be found here. However, if you see something about the site that you like, but not listed, drop me a line!

I am slowing rolling out a few updates of my own, although may not be readily noticeable. I am not a programmer so progress will be slow. I have high hopes for {sugarlens}, though.

Can you tell me about your recipes?

Sure! I don't claim the recipes to be my own. In fact, almost 100% of the recipes I post can be found online elsewhere. I do research beforehand and pick the versions that I think are the best. I always cook the dishes before posting them on {sugarlens}. Everything I cook are easy to prepare and with easy to find ingredients.

I've thought about starting a blog devoted to just my cooking, but that's just a thought for now.

Some of your pictures are pretty impressive! What camera do you use?

I have two, actually. For point-and-shoot, I use Canon SD800. I recently joined the dSLR club and I have a Canon XSi (with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens). I love both cameras equally. Well...maybe my big camera a tad more.

Your dogs are just adorable. Where can I find a dog just like them!?

Thanks! I am pretty fond of my boys too. My older boy (Pargo) is a Yorkshire Terrier and my younger one (Pesto) is a long-coat Chihuahua. To find yourself a healthy puppy, I recommend going to a reputable breeder. Never go to a pet store!

I see that Pargo is your guest blogger. What about Pesto, will he be blogging too?

Good question! While Pargo is three years old, Pesto is only four months old. Maybe he will become a blogger once he gets older. After all, he doesn't know how to read or type yet. Right now, he's just enjoying his carefree puppy year.

I can't get enough of you! I hope you never stop blogging!

Awww! [blush] Don't worry, that's not in the Next Ten Year Plan. Unless my fingers fall off.

Any questions I'm missing, just send me an email!

Last updated on 1/8/09

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About {sugarlens}

{sugarlens} is a website about my daily life, food, travels, crafts, musings, and thoughts. My posts focus on being inspiring, positive, humorous, optimistic, creative, and to live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.

On {sugarlens}, I write about everything under the sun. There are lots of nice blogs out there. Lots. Some focus specifically on food, on design, on crafts, on dogs, on books, or on photography. The list goes on. They are all really inspiring and one of my guilty pleasures is reading them every day.

{sugarlens}, however, is different. It touches upon many areas, perhaps all of what I listed above. Why? Why not?! But partly because while I have many interests, I am expert at none. Yet.

My husband and dog are my guest bloggers - look for their avatars! They sprinkle a little bit of spice around here.

About Me

I was born in Taichung Taiwan and my family immigrated to the US when I was 10. Growing up, instead of hanging out with kids my own age, I hung out with my aunt and parents. My favorite things to do were accompanying them to the market and helping out in the kitchen.

I am an introvert. I prefer the company of one rather the company of twelve. Being in a crowd wears. me. out. I’d rather spend a Friday night in rather than out. However, I love being out and about on sunny days. I enjoy exploring new places, but I also like revisiting old ones that are close to my heart.

Husband and I are Disney fanatics! Spending a few days at Disney World has become an annual tradition for us. Disney is truly the happiest and most magical place in the world. Yes, I really believe that. As much as I like going to Orlando, I hope that, at some point in my life, I will have the fund and the opportunity to travel the world.

I love cooking! And eating. I get such a buzz from experimenting with food and recipes. I cook with fresh ingredients. I stay away from pre-packaged foods, not only they are damaging to my health, but also to my wallet. But, once in a while, there is nothing like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Papa Johns, and KFC.

I enjoy crafty designy things! I invested in a Gocco a while ago, but still waiting for the crafty light bulb to turn on. If I had my own craft room, I would paint one wall with chalkboard paint. Not because I am a doodler, but I just think that’s so awesome.

My husband spoils me! He gifted me with the greatest present ever in 2006. He got me Pargo. Since then, I have a little dog to cuddle and to love. In early 2008, he bought me my first dSLR. I am still learning, but taking good photos really make me happy. But above all, he showers me with love and affection. He makes me smile and laugh.

Life is (pretty darn) good.

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Contact Me

Hi, I am happy you stopped by. Thanks for reading my little blog.

I'd love to hear from you. Your comments and emails truly make my day!

You may email me at:
sugarlens [at] gmail [dot] com

I will surely respond. Have a lovely day!

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