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For the Second Time (in Forever): Disney On Ice Frozen!

It was just another normal day in the office, until this FB message popped up in my inbox:

“….you were randomly selected as the winner!”

I couldn’t believe it. Disney On Ice Frozen! I won! AGAIN! What luck!

The only catch? The show was on a weeknight, Valentine's Day, at 7:30pm, all the way at Capital One Arena in downtown DC. Luke was traveling so it would just be me and the kids. Was it worth the trouble?

After a whole week of indecisiveness and discussing it with anyone who would listen, I decided to go for it. I mean, I am sure my luck has run out on winning more Disney On Ice tickets ;)

^^Our seats were excellent, three rows back!^^

Looking back at our first Disney On Ice, my biggest complaint for that show (Follow Your Heart) was that it didn't have a coherent theme throughout...just Disney characters skating to random storylines from various movies. Well, Disney On Ice Frozen was the complete opposite, the show pretty much followed the movie entirely, with all the maj…

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