Thursday, May 28, 2015

Viva! Vienna! Festival

We are leaving for Hawaii in two days! There is still so much packing left to do and I am not even talking about my own luggage. Since the kids are staying with my parents, I am basically packing the whole house with worst case scenario in mind. On top of that, I got hit with some kind of stomach bug…so all the packing I wanted to do went out the window as I have been crawling to bed at 7pm the past few nights. I think I am finally getting my strength back though…and I hope I will be fully recovered by Saturday. Can you imagine being sick on a 10-hour flight? How about eating just banana and bread for the entire vacation?

Anyway! Besides going into DC for a day over the Memorial Day Weekend, we also went to an annual local festival – Viva! Vienna!. Just like any other festivals, this one had amusement rides, vendor booths, entertainment, and food. We parked at the Vienna Community Center and walked the W&OD trail to the festival. The kids were most interested in the rides so we spent $20 for 24 tickets, which basically meant they could go on 4 rides each. The most fun one was the Dragon Wagon roller coaster. Kids had a blast on that! We also visited the vendors and the kids got some goodies – tattoo, pig key chains, a paper fan, pencil, necklaces, etc. Essentially all junk, but they were delighted with them all.

On with the pictures!

As I said, they had lots of fun on the roller coaster.
I cropped the picture above to get a closer look at their faces :)
It was a hot day. The kids got free ice pops from a vendor and it really helped them to keep walking in the heat. Luke and I shared a meat and vegetable pie from Pure Pasty, a local place here that we had wanted to try for the longest time. For $8, it was just okay. I really liked the flaky crust though.
The festival was held at the heart of Town of Vienna and all the historical sites were open for visitors. Here we were at the Little Library (one room) and we also went to the Freeman Store and Museum. Both places have odd operating hours so I was glad to visit both in one fell swoop. 
Just before we left, the kids each got a lollipop from a game of ring toss.
But then hubs accidentally bumped into Anna, which caused her to drop her lollipop, and of course, crying followed. Other than that one tiny incident, it was a good morning :) The best part was that after we decided to go home, we were there in 5 minutes. Love staying local!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DC DAY: Tidal Basin Paddle Boat

We ended our walk around the Tidal Basin with a spin on the paddle boat! I think paddle boating is a super fun family-friendly activity. The only downside for our family is that the kids are too small to help with the paddling and, because one adult has to sit in the back to balance the boat out, Luke does all the hard work. Luckily, he is a good sport about it and this activity was actually HIS idea :) Or maybe he just casually mentioned it and I just ran with it....?

During peak cherry blossoms, it is recommended that you make reservations online, but on this any other Saturday, we walked right in and didn't wait at all. It was $24 for 4 people for an hour.
Anyway, here are some pictures of us on the paddle boat!
On the way back, we were against the water current and Luke was getting tired...
while this was me in the back :)
Finally we were back to the dock!
The entire experience was fun, but I doubt we will be paddle boating again until the kids are old enough to help. The novelty of it wore off fast -- I think an hour is too long. The 30-minute dragon paddle boat in Baltimore is much better, IMO.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Have you taken your kids to Tidal Basin before? We did for the first time this past Saturday. At first I was worried that they would complain about walking the entire loop, but they surprised me with their good spirits. I think what made it easier was the mild weather and things we saw along the way. We parked at the parking lot right by the paddle boats and headed in the direction of the MLK Memorial.
I just love our selfie stick :)
At the FDR Memorial, we all took a potty break and posed for more pictures. I was trying to get them to look in the same direction as the statues, but they wouldn't have it.  
Luke and his mini-me Yes, the purposely matched.
Then we reached the Jefferson Memorial.
We packed some sandwiches (jelly for kids, pbj for grown-ups) and ate them at the bottom of the Jefferson Memorial. Will probably fed half of his sandwich to the ducks. It was a lot of fun. Next time, we will have to bring more bread to share.
Just as we got up to leave, Will said, "After the snacks, I have my energy again!" So we continued the rest of the way back to where we started -- the paddle boats. And off we went on a scenic boat ride...while Luke did all the grunt work. Hehe :)

To be continued....

(It took us about an hour and 20 minutes to walk the loop, with stops along the way.)

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Friday, May 22, 2015

She never stopped smiling :)


Up next Tuesday is ballet!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

May Day 2015: Here Comes a Bear

We attended our 3rd May Day this past Saturday. As always, it was held outdoors, at the school playground (look at those tall trees!). Weather-wise, it turned out to be one of the hottest days we have had so far this spring, and just around showtime, all signs pointed to an impending late-afternoon storm. FORTUNATELY, the rain held off until the last performance was done. We finished in the nick of time!

Will's class performed to Here Comes a Bear. From the look on his face, I know he loved every minute of it and had so much fun pretending to be different animals. He even requested to wear his bear shirt the very next day, which we told him was in the hamper. But I have a feeling that we are going to be seeing that shirt a lot :)

Overall, it was a successful May Day!

Our time with this school is coming to an end in 4 short weeks... It makes me sad that we will no longer have a connection to this wonderful place. Sure, the classrooms are a bit rundown and smelly, but the teachers are phenomenal. Sigh, why do kids have to grow up and move on?

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