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I can sum up my month of February in two words: Solo Parenting

In total, Luke was gone for 9 days, which doesn't sound like a lot, but in a short month and in consecutive weeks, it was.

Fortunately, as I have said it before, the kids are older now, they go to the same school, they are somewhat self-sufficient, so really, it's not a huge deal. We stuck to our routine, and everything went just fine.

One of the biggest struggles, though, was what to feed the kids. I guess that's actually a daily struggle, not just when Luke is away... So anyway, after Chinese school, I made it easy on myself and took the kids to get pho for the first time on my own :)

^^I spilled some soup, and that was the most talked-about topic for the rest of the week [eyeroll]^^

When I am on my own, sometimes we skip piano practice and have an early shower and book time instead. By 7pm, the kids are usually doing this:

The best thing about Luke being away is sleeping in "mama bed" with Mango.

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